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Yes!!! It's exactly 10 days since our wedding! Been really busy the past few weeks.. but I'M BACK!!!..:) I will now have more time to blog, scrapbook, bake, etc.. ahahaha!!

To start my series of "wedding report" blogs (hehe!), here are some of our photobooth pics:
Bride & Groom

With Paul Vincent & Ayvih (our wedding photographers)

With the Bride's Family

The Bride's Siblings (gorgeous arent they??;))

Check out the whole gallery here! We were really happy our guests seemed to enjoy the booth..:) My only regret was that I didn't take as much photos as I would have wanted.. hehe! I was already too tired by the time we had a chance to go to the booth.. hehe! But then again, we had fun! And I sure love the pics!:)

Super duper thanks again to my bestfriend, Jajah for this cool gift!;)


"Ocho-ocho, ocho-ocho..."

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Today, I'm the "Excited Bride"!;)

In a couple of days, H2B* and I will be flying back to PH*! And the cute (yet scary) thing is, I know 2 other (December) B2B* friends who will be on that same flight! Whoa! I'll sure be praying for a safe journey for us! Hehe!

Updates for today:
1. The new labels I sent a looong time ago has FINALLY arrived in our house! Gosh, it took like 2 freaking weeks to get there!!! Hayz!! I'm really grateful that we have the email and Chikka nowadays, I was able to at least email/SMS my friends to invite them!

2. Already have an idea for the remaining 40% of our wedding dance.. Haha!! Now I just need to discuss it with H2B* and then practice it! Haha!

3. Got the mp3 for our wedding dance!!!;)

4. FINALLY, bought my wedding shoes!! It's not the typical wedding shoes, and I'm sure my mom would react when she sees it.. Haha! But I'm happy with it! At least I am certain I could still use it even after the wedding..;)

5. Had dinner with my w@wie friends, and as usual, really learned a LOT from them! Those last minute tips are definitely helpful!

6. Was able to do a few more pages for our guestbook.. I was also able to design one DIY* that I really wanted to do but thought I wouldn't have time for it..;) I'm praying we could buy the ink refills for our printer tonight so that I can print them already!;)

Not bad for a day's work, eh?...;)

* H2B - husband-to-be
B2B - bride-to-be
PH - Philippines
DIY - Do-It-Yourself


Nine, Siyam, 9...

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days to go from today, December 09, 2009..!

Today, I'm more of the "OC bride" than the "excited bride".. hehe!! There's just sooo many things I'd want to have/do, if only we have enough time.. and $$$.. Hahaha!!

Updates for today:
1. My mom just picked up her gown! Saw the pictures sent by my brother, and I really loved the color we picked on her!:) And the cut of the gown is quite flattering to her figure..;) I just hope she loves it too! Haha!

2. Finished about 60% of our wedding dance choreography! ahahaha!! I'm so happy of what we've accomplished so far, considering we're no dancers..;)

3. Was also able to do some canvassing and inquiries for possible additional souvenirs. We do have the photobooth for souvenirs already.. But we're just considering having one more.. well, only if it's still possible to add one given the time left..

We're having dinner with my w@wie friends tomorrow night! Excited with that! Yey yey!!


10 days to go...

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Oh yes! 10 days left 'til the D-day! And yes, we are still not completely done with the preps! waaah! hehe!

Updates for today:
1. V-Craft Printers emailed us that our missals are ready for pick up! That's a BIG sigh of relief for me because I completely forgot to confirm if they received and accepted my (informal) email as my go-signal for them to start printing! Good thing they did.. Phew!

2. We were able to practice about 25% of our first dance.. ahahaha!! (Good luck na lang to us with the remaining 75%!)

3. We also bought a new set of attire for our bearers. The ones we bought in PH were too big for them, so had to buy again.:( We love the new ones though (looks waaaaay better), although it's way more expensive also.. Haha!

4. Was able to find a nice "prospect" for my wedding shoes.. Again yes, (unfortunately) I still don't have shoes! But I'm still hopeful! Haha!

Not bad for an evening's work, eh?;)



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It will actually be my first time to try a photobooth at our wedding..:P ehehe!! So for a (semi) cam-whore like me, I'm really excited! ahaha!! I asked Partypics to also provide props, so that everyone could have fun posing for the camera.. ehehe!! We might also bring some of the masks and props we used for the Halloween party.. ahaha!!

We've already finalized our backdrop and layout for the pics. All thanks to Mr. Paul Siochi of Partypics for his creativity and patience!:P hehe!! I think we had like 5 version of the layout and 3 versions of the backdrop before we approved it.. ahaha!! Signs of becoming OC??? Unfortunately, yes.. hahaha!! But he was very accommodating and patient with our requests..:)

Here's our backdrop showing our monograms:

and here's our layout:

Photo used is from our trash-the-dress prenup with Paul Vincent at Hamilo Coast.:)

I really hope everyone enjoys the photobooth!;)


Cotto-Pacquiao fight and our 2 secs of "fame"

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I think most Filipinos around the globe were glued to their television sets last Sunday morning to watch the Cotto-Pacquiao fight.. It sure was a very exciting match! I'm no boxing expert, but I can really see the effort and passion of both boxers in all 12 rounds!! I think people who spent money to watch that fight got their money's worth! We're just happy that Pacman came out on top in the end!;)

Some of our friends decided to watch the game with us at our place yesterday. We availed of the Video-On-Demand from Starhub. We set up 2 TVs in the living room, and watched the game there.. People brought food for our brunch/lunch..;) And then, one friend invited a reporter from Abs-Cbn (Willard Cheng) he met at the APEC summit. They wanted to do a report on Filipinos abroad supporting Pacquiao.. ahaha!! We never thought we'd be seen on TV and in TV Patrol, no less! ahahaha!! Now I'm really amazed at the reach of TFC.. Even my relatives abroad saw us! ahaha!!

Here's a link a friend saw of that segment in YouTube. Kulet namin noh?... ahaha!! And yes, that's my h2b over there, asking for balato from Aling Dionisya! LOL!!!

Congratulations Manny!! You make us proud to be a Filipino!! And I hope you continue to do so (translation: sana wag ka na sumali sa pulitika! LOL!!)



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Waaaah!! We only have 43 days to go!!... and still so many DETAILS to finalize... Unfortunately, I have been busy with work too.. so I'm really stressed for time.. But hopefully we'll finish everything before the BIG day.... hopefully.... ehehehe..

So for my updates:
1) We were already able to start with our DIY table nos...:) We just need to print it out, and we're done.. Haven't done this yet because I figure printing is not a priority.. as long as we already have files to print, the paper and the printer, then it'll just take say 30mins to finish it.. at least we avoid the risk of losing it or getting our DIYs dirty..:P ehehe!!

2) Some of my girls finally had their 1st fitting!:) And to be honest, I'm really happy with my choice designs (I thought of the designs, and just had it made by a seamstress)..:) My only issue is for my MOH's gown..:( Don't like how the top was made.. the picture/design I gave wasn't followed.. and the fitting is really bad.. Another problem is that my sister is here with me in Singapore so we're contemplating whether to have her go to PH or just have it altered here in SG..:( But I love the color of her gown, and it looks good on her..

3) We've already printed the maps and labels for our invitations and sent them to PH.. And our families received them already..:) Sent email instructions on what they need to do with it..;) Anthony's family also just received our invitations this morning! YEY! Mine hasn't yet, but they should be receiving it within the day too..:) Can't wait to receive our copies here in SG!:)

4) Photobooth - I was SHOCKED to find that the last email bet. me & Partypics was them asking me when our deposit for the downpayment was made because the scanned copy of the deposit slip I sent them was unclear.. that email was sent last MARCH.. and i did NOT reply!! waaah!! Good thing they were able to eventually identify our deposit.. Whew! So we'll now be discussing our layout! I can't wait! I'm really excited!:) It'll actually be my first time to try a photo booth.. hehe!

5) H2B and I have already been discussing our wedding program.. We just need to finalize it, then discuss everything with Missy!:)

6) We are also scheduled to have a "chat" session with our coordinator this Nov. 21 to discuss EVERYTHING!.. We still have a lot of pending items with them, but we hope to finish at least MOST of what's on the list before the "chat".. **keeping our fingers crossed**

I've still got a looooooooooong list of To-Dos... But I'm still staying positive that we can do this! ahaha!! (I sure hope so...)


It's the Moms' time for fitting!

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My mom had her 1st fitting with Jorge Palmos yesterday! Thanks to my youngest sister, Joymari for sending me the pics.. I still haven't heard from my mom if she liked her gown.. the last time I spoke to her she was having doubts about the design.. she wasn't sure it would look good on her... but I definitely love it! Can't wait to see it once it's done!:)

Anthony's mom also had hers weeks ago.. Unfortunately, they were not able to take pictures.. but according to H2B, his mom liked her gown and the fitting!:)

I'm so excited for the Moms!!:)


Our 9-day wedding preps in PH

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This post is way overdue.. Sorry for that...;) I started working on a new project at work right after I got back from my PH trip.. So I've been a little busy, and I'm loving the new challenge!;) But of course, it also meant less time for me to blog and play Farmtown.. LOLz!!

Anyway, like I said, my h2b and I went to PH last Aug 8, and we were there for 9 days... As usual, our days were jam packed with appointments and meetings!.. Even the last 2 days which we thought was our "free" day to meet with friends, turned out to be filled with last-minute appointments.. It was definitely very tiring... But I can say a productive one also..;) Sorry this is going to be a little longer than my usual posts...;) So here goes my wedding update:

Aug 8 - We landed around 6pm, then straight from the airport (NAIA-2), just kissed my mom hello and g'bye.. met my bestfriend (and also my SS*), Jajah there and we're off to Tita Juliet's house for her measurements. On the way we just grabbed a take out at Mcdo for dinner, and picked up my other bestfriend (and SS* also) Debby somewhere near ABS-CBN.. Once there, the girls had their measurements taken.. and then Tita Juliet and I finalized the fabric, design and costs of the gowns.. Also scheduled their 1st fitting, which will be 1st week of October.. After that, we brought Debby and Jajah home.. So how's that for a first day?..;)

Aug 9 - Had our pre cana seminar in our parish church the whole day.. then went to mass in the evening.. somewhere in between, we were able to pass by SM Southmall to drop h2b's shoes for fixing at Mr. Quickie and do some last minute shopping for props for our e-session with Paul Vincent.. then dinner with my family at Monggolian.. Then my sister Joymari, h2b and I watched the last full show of The Proposal at Filinvest Festival Mall..;)

Aug 10 - Had an 8am appointment with our dentist.. Then, we went to Makati for another check up.. Unfortunately, it lasted longer (and costed more) than we expected..:( Then, we went to Wally Gonzales' office in Jupiter St. to pick up our Engagement album and frame!.. After that, Anthony wanted to go home early so that we can prepare for our e-session w/PV the next day, plus I had to drop him off in Cainta pa and drive back home alone to Las Pinas, so he didn't want me driving back too late..

Aug 11 - Our e-session with Paul Vincent!! This took the whole day, since our location was a 3-hr drive from Las Pinas.. We went to Hamilo Coast - Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club, in Nasugbu Batangas!.. The journey was tiring.. but once we got there, it was surely worth the trip! The venue was just picture perfect! I think we all really got excited during the shoot, that we didn't even notice the time.. The clubhouse was supposed to close at 5pm, but we were there 'til past 6pm, still shooting.. Ahaha!! We all really just loved the place! And the staff are all super accommodating!.. I would really recommend this place for e-sessions!:) On our way home, we passed by one of our Ninangs who lives in Silang Cavite to give our STD*/Will-you-be card..:)

Aug 12 - Final food tasting with Josiah's (pictures here). As expected, everything tasted good! I think we were able to pick a good combination of dishes.. Unfortunately, their florist called in sick so we had to reschedule the meeting for the centerpieces the ff. day. Since we finished a little earlier than expected, h2b and I decided to check out Discovery Suites, and good thing we did! We're almost 100% sure we'll be booking rooms here for the wedding preps.. The rooms aren't as elegantly beautiful as the ones in Edsa Shangri-La, but theirs are waaaay more spacious, which is more important for us, since there will be a lot of people during the preps (view pics here).. We also checked out Linden Suites after, but we didn't like it much.. After that, we met Judy Uson to discuss our cake design options at Edsa Shangri-La.. She gave us samples of her cake, and we loved them!.. but we'd have loved it more if it came with fondant topping as well (like Penny's - Jan 2 post) so as to get a better idea of the whole cake taste (not just the bread).. After that, we had dinner at SM Megamall.. Before bringing me home, we again passed by another Ninang's house to give our STD*/Will-you-be card...:)

Aug 13 - Had a haircut and foot spa in the morning.. I try to have these "kakikayan" when I'm back home, since it's a lot cheaper than here in SG. H2B then had his baptismal and confirmation certificate corrected.. his parish misspelled most of the names! Argh! Then we went to Market Market to have lunch, then meet our OTD* Events Manila.. It was during the meeting where our "free" days disappeared! Haha! Rose squeezed in an appointment with our videographer (Threelogy) and our florist (15-58) for the weekend! I got so many assignments from her, haha! (which reminds me I should start working on them!!) After that, h2b & I met (this time) one of our Ninongs for dinner, where we gave him his STD*/Will-you-be card too..:)

Aug 14 - The most tiring day! Started with me driving to Sta. Lucia Mall Cainta, to pick up h2b. Then we went to Josiah's in Marikina again for the centerpiece samples (more pictures here). Unfortunately, the florist didn't wait for us, so we weren't able to talk AGAIN!:( We definitely loved the samples they made, BUT was informed that we need to pay additional Php600/table for it!!?!:( so right now, we know the colors and style we want.. but we'll just need to be a little creative and research for some cheaper alternatives for violet hydrangeas.. (anyone have suggestions?).. then, we picked up MIL* in Filinvest Cainta. Then went to Tomas Morato for lunch meeting with Trina for our invites.. More or less, we have finalized the idea we want for our invites. We'll just be sending her pictures from our e-session, then we'll get samples already.. Then we went to the Makati branch office of Jorge Palmos for MIL*'s measurements (see mothers' gown designs here). After, we brought back MIL* home in Cainta, then went to Threelogy's office in Teacher's Village, QC. There we finally got a copy of our contract and was able to watch a sample of their full video coverage!:) That ended our Friday!;)

Aug 15 - I had my 2nd fitting this time in Jorge Palmos' Alabang branch.. Sorry, no pictures this time! H2b reads my blogs!;) ehehe! It already has beads on it.. the skirt had it's "bustings".. We decided to be a little daring (sexy?) and lowered the back a little more.. Now I really have to lose weight! Haha! Can't wait to wear it once it's finished!!:) After that, we passed by another Ninong's house to give him his STD*/Will-you-be card.. Then we met my friend Grace for lunch in BF Resort.. After that, we met my family for a dinner treat for my youngest sister Joymari (she has been recognized for being in the Dean's List for the whole SY! Sooo proud of you lil sis!) at Red Crab in Greenbelt 3, Makati.:) Also did some grocery shopping for things to bring back here in SG and picked up my test results from the check up (Monday) then..

Aug 16 - flight back home... Phew!!!;)

So that was it!.. Warned you it's gonna be long..;) 'til the next update... Ciao!

* SS - Secondary Sponsor (Veil, Cord, Candle)
MIL - Mother-In-Law

STD - Save-The-Date
OTD - my short term for On-the-day coordinator


The Circle of Friends Award

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To my friend and (scrapbooking mentor ;) ehehe!) Bhane, thanks for this award!

Now I'm passing it to my "girls": Anna, Escie, Khim, Jhan, and Lorna. All you girls need to do is just pass it on to 5 more friends, and that's it!:)

Have a great day everyone!;)


My 1-day trip to Pinas!

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Yes.. I went home to PH for just ONE DAY!.. I was even dreading it days before my departure... I just knew it was going to be a very tiring trip.. and I was right.. But what I didn't expect was how extremely HAPPY I was that day!:)

My main objective for going home was for my 1st gown fitting.. But being my mother's daughter (ehehe! love you Mom!), I had to make the most out of my trip, so I planned to go to 3 more suppliers!.. ahaha!! Yes, I met 4 suppliers in less than 10 hours!! And they weren't exactly neighbors.. ehehe!! I went from Muntinlupa to Visayas Ave.! Ahaha!! Told you it was tiring!;)

So my 1st stop was with Jorge Palmos in Alabang Muntinlupa at around 10am. Good thing this was my first stop, becuase this definitely made my whole day!!:) Like I said at our WEDsite, we've had a few problems with regards to my gown.. First, I couldn't make up my mind what I want!.. Then we had a hard time settling for a supplier.. Then when Ms. Olie and I exchanged ideas about the gown, I knew the gown would be beautiful.... but I was still doubtful if it is the gown for ME.. I wasn't sure if I'd feel pretty and would look gorgeous wearing it.. so still no excitement there..

Then when I was fitting it... WOW!!... for the first time, I got really excited over my gown!!:) I've been enjoying all my wedding preps, many thanks to my (w@wie) friends... I'm having fun blogging about the preps... coordinating everything.. being hands-on to almost everything... but that gown fitting experience was a different sort of "high"!.. ahaha!! now, I really feel that I AM the BRIDE!! ahahaha!! And modesty aside, I felt pretty in it..;) ehehe!! Unfortunately, we forgot to bring a decent camera with us, but thank God for camera phones, we were able to "preserve" those moments..;) You can view more pictures here.

Our next stop was in Makati around 1pm with Wally Gonzales. I was supposed to pick up our Gustbook/Engagement album, and a framed photo... But due to some miscommunication, the items were not ready for pick up yet..:( but my mom and I did see the pages.. it was smaller in size than I expected.. but still nice..:) After that, we had a late lunch at a restaurant nearby.

Then, we went to Tita Juliet, who's making my girls' gowns, in Quezon City!.. We were able to call my cousin Irene to join us for her measurements..:) Another booboo on my part.. I didn't call Tita Juliet to inform her I was going to visit.. I sort of assumed she'll be home.. which is my bad.. so when we got there, we learned that she was at a parlor having a hair rebond! Hehe!! Good thing the parlor was just close by, so we came there with tape measure and all, and had my cousin measured there! ahaha!! At least it wasn't a complete waste of effort and time.. ehehe!!

Lastly, we went to Trinoma (a first for us) to meet Trina of Village Pro'jeKt for our invitations. I had so much fun talking to her! She showed me lots of her previous work, and they were all very unique and classy! She had lots of good ideas, and I can't wait for our August meeting to finalize the design of our invitations!:)

So there goes my 1-day visit to PH.. After that, my family went to dinner at Kanin Club in West Gate, Alabang to celebrate in advance my mom's birthday..:) Happy birthday, Mommy! and super thanks for accompanying last Saturday!:) Had fun "bonding" with you! Love you! Mwah!


Friendship Chain

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Thanks to sis Lorna and sis Kite for the friendship!:)

~~Begin Copy~~

This is the easy way and the fastest way to:

1. Make your Authority Technorati explode.
2. Increase your Google Page Rank.
3. Get more traffic to your blog.
4. Makes more new friends.
Rules :
1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can.

~~End Copy~~

Passing this chain to Escie, Anna, Shey, Marien, Mitch, Jaycee, Maan and Jhan.:)


Home Soon...


A little less than a month ago, I listed things I would do to keep me busy while my h2b is away here. Now in less than 12 hours, I'll be seeing my mahal again! Woot woot!! I just can't wait!

But what have I actually done on that list?.. Hmmm.. Let's see:

1. Play my internet games ALL the time - as my besty sis would say "CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!!".. LOLz!! Not only have I reached the last level in RC (level 27) and "renovated" my restaurant, but I also got a level up in Poker: now a 500K Pro..;) AHAHAHA!! Talk about addict, huh?..;)

2. Organize my files (mp3s, movies, pictures, ebooks, installers, etc.) in my hard disks - Hmmm... This one I wasn't able to do..:-S Ahaha!! Was just too lazy to plug my ext. HD.. ahaha!! Guess that's what I get for buying the one that needs to be plugged to a socket.. LOLz!!

3. Exercise - Does swimming for ONE night count?.. LOLz!!! I guess not.. ahaha!!

4. Post-process some backlog photos - I wasn't able to post process pictures.. BUT.. 1) I did a lot of digital scrapbook layouts (you can see them here) and 2) I'm almost done with my first real scrapbook layout, AND 3) was able to download a LOT of stuff for Photoshop, which will be super duper helpful for my DIYs and future dig. scrapbooking!:)

5. (Window) shopping...? - Hmmm.. this one I did.. I almost even bought a dress.. Just backed out at the last minute.. ehehe!

6. Go to a salon for some "pampering" and kakikayan - this one I got lazy to do too..:( I was supposed to go to a salon with my sister, but since she backed out, I was too lazy to go alone and spend hours sitting by myself while they did my hair..:-S

Ahaha!! Guess I wasn't able to cross out a lot from my list.. ahaha!! But 3 out of 6 is not bad, I guess... Hehe! Don't care! Hahaha! I'm just happy my mahal's home soon....;)


Status Report#2

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With less than 6 months to go 'til D-day, here's our 2nd status report:

  1. Church Venue - St. Francis of Assisi Chapel - booked
  2. Reception Venue - Fernwood Gardens - booked and FULLY paid
  3. Caterer (inc. Children's Meal, Suppliers' Meals) - Josiah's Catering - booked; menu selected; final food tasting scheduled this August.
  4. Cake - included in caterer's package but we might also get one from my baptismal ninong. We'll be coordinating on the final cake design on August.
  5. Beverage - included in caterer's package
  6. Flowers (for Chruch) and bouquets - 15-58 Flowers & Styles - booked with DP.
  7. Flowers (for Venue) - included in caterer's package with free upgrade.
  8. Emcee - Missy Ferrer-Litao - included in caterer's package, booked
  9. Musicians (Ceremony) - San Martin de Porres Youth Choir - booked, but to still pick song line up
  10. Photographer - Paul Vincent Photography - booked with DP; prenup on August.. still to finalize theme and location of the shoot.
  11. Engagement Photographer - Wally Gonzales Photography - booked and FULLY paid; received layout proposal for the album. Album for pick-up on July 18.
  12. Videographer - Threelogy Digital Video - booked with DP.
  13. Souvenirs - Partypics - booked with DP.
  14. Transportation - booked and fully PAID, c/o Fernwood.
  15. Wedding Coordinator - Events Manila - booked with DP.
  16. Invitations - picked our supplier and we finally have an idea for the design which we're really, REALLY excited about.. still to finalize the design before we pay for DP.;)
  17. Save-The-Date - DONE!:)
  18. Bridal gown - DP paid, but have yet to confirm receipt with my designer.
  19. Female Entourage's Gowns - paid 50%. Some girls already had their measurements taken. Others to follow.
  20. HMUA - Trial done last May. Booked for bride + groom + 3 heads.
  21. Others:
    • Dance floor -PAID 6 panels c/o Fernwood
    • Our WEDsite - done and launched!
And for the to-dos/work-in-progress list:
  1. Officiant - still undecided, we'll decide after we have all our "parish" requirements done
  2. Marriage License and other doc. Requirements - will start collecting by July at the EARLIEST, cause it only has 6 mos validity
  3. Other DIY Stationery (Programmes, Menu cards, Misallettes, etc.) - since we already bought a printer, i'll be starting on this one SOON!;)
  4. Musicians (Reception) - still thinking if we're getting one
  5. List of Entourage - mostly done.
  6. List of Guests - mostly listed.. feel i need to trim down a bit to stick with 200pax
  7. Groom's Suit - undecided...:(
  8. Male Entourage's Suits - canvassed prices in Landmark and SM already.. still to finalize..
  9. Gifts for (Parents, Sponsors, etc.)
  10. Wedding Rings - Have an idea of what we want already.. Just waiting for the right time (and money) before we buy.. ehehe!
  11. Hotel for wedding preps - have already cavassed and did occular for several hotels in Ortigas.. Reserved in Edsa Shangri-La but have yet to finalize that one.. still looking for cheaper alternatives (or Shang coupons!)..;) ehehe!!
  12. Others:
    • Cords, Veil, Arrhae - DIY and/or get my mom's help and/or included with my gown
I guess that's all for our 2nd status report..;) For regular updates, please check our official WEDsite. Ciao!;)


They say that....

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1st impressions last... so we always try to showcase our best in whatever right from the start...

They also say that a picture paints a thousand words... (Di nga?.. Thousands talaga?.. Hindi hundreds lang?.. Or millions?...) AHAHAHA!!

But seriously speaking... Tonio and I finally received the proposed layouts for our engagement album from the photo shoot we did with Wally Gonzales! And we're just so excited to share it! We made a few comments for revisions here and there, but overall, we love it!... The engagement album might also serve as our Guestbook, but we're still undecided.. the pictures are just too pretty to write on..;)

So for a sneak peek, here's the 1st page of our Engagement/Guestbook Album:

And sooooooo, what are your thoughts?...;)

(Btw, perfect timing also for this blog.. coz from today we have exactly 6 months to go 'til D-day.. ayayayay!.. ahaha!! next blog: updates!!)

*** Other pages are found at our WEDsite.


I Love Your Blog Award

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Again, many thanks to Sis Lorna for this award!:)

This is the J'Adore Tien Blog Award which means I Love Your Blog in French. (O dba, we learn something new everyday!;))

Passing this award to - Jasmin, Sis Lorna (pwede ba?.. ehehe!! e I love your blog too eh?;)), Sis Maan, sis Mei, sis Escie, sis Khim, sis Anna and Jengers


Movie Date

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I still remember the first time Tonio and I met as bf-gf.. It was here in SG.. I still live in PH then, but I came here with my sister.. there wasn't a second of awkwardness between us then.. It felt very natural to be hugged by him as soon as I came out of those glass doors at the Budget Terminal.. (hmm, wait.. did he grab the Krispy Kreme first?) Ahahaha!! Kidding!

Aside from touring my sister around SG (since it was her 1st time then), we also spent a day with just the 2 of us to celebrate our 1st "monthsary"..:) I remember we watched Night at the Museum at the Cathay Theater. This was the first movie we watched together.. I was never a Ben Stiller fan.. but I had fun watching this movie.. maybe it also had something to do with the company I was with...;) ehehe!

Anyway, so why am I actually writing this blog for?.. Wala naman.. ehehe!! maybe because 28 months & a proposal later, Tonio and I watched Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian..! and I found myself reminiscing those first few dates we had..:) and then I also thought of doing this:

Hmmm.. parang we look bigger today..? LOLz!!

Not one of my best layouts.. ehehe! I'll try to make another layout later...;)

About the movie, I think I liked the Part 1 better.. but Part 2 was still a fun movie to watch..:)


Our Save-The-Date!!

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I already posted this actually at my Photos & Scraps Blog.. I just want to share it here too, since this will probably be our official STD..;) I think my NEED to create THE STD for our wedding... a STD that would represent our wedding themes (not so much with the colors though..;)) perfectly.. and our personalities... has been satisfied!:D We BOTH really feel that this is THE ONE for us!!;) and so, here it is....

Comments are very much welcome!:)

Now... if only the same is true with my wedding gown.....*sigh* ehehe!!

** Photos used are taken from our engagement shoot with Wally Gonzales


Things to keep me busy..


Like I said in my previous post, my H2B* is currently in the US for a month due to work... So while he's not here with me, I made a list of things I'll try to do to keep me busy... so I wouldn't miss him so much also na rin:

  1. Play my internet games ALL the time.. LOLz!!
  2. Organize my files (mp3s, movies, pictures, ebooks, installers, etc.) in my hard disks.
  3. Exercise??? (LOLz!!)
  4. Post-process some backlog photos.. Did a model shoot waaaaaay back, and I was just able to post/share a couple I think..
  5. (Window) shopping...?
  6. Go to a salon for some "pampering" and kakikayan..;)
There's probably more I can and will do.. but this is all I could think of at the moment.. ehehe! Of course, I'll have the occasional meet ups with friends.. and hopefully a LOT of SKYPE-time with my H2B on weekends...;)

*sigh* Oh I really really REALLY wish time flies fast this month!;)

* H2B - husband-to-be


Back to LDR..:(


Since coming here in SG*, my H2B* and I have never been separated for like more than 2 days MAX I think... We see each other every day... and that is JUST the way I want it!.. We've been in a LDR* for more than a year.. and it was really HARD!... I never wanted to be in that situation ever again...

And then we learned that H2B's company is sending him to the US for a month!!:(

Don't get me wrong.. I am happy for my fiance... at least he'll be able to go to the US.. and this is also a very good experience for him career-wise.. But of course.. it also means a month of not seeing him.. and worse.. unlike when I was still in PH* and he here in SG.. this time, with him being in US gives us a 12 HOURS time difference!:( and there's the H1N1 threat too.. I'm really hoping this month flies by really, really fast..

To my mahal, I'm missing you already! Take care there.. And I know I'll see you again soon!:) Mwah!

*H2B - Husband -to-be; SG - Singapore; PH - Philippines; LDR - Long Distance Relationship
**Pictures taken at the Terminal 3 Airport here in SG..


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