FMCC girl at work...;-)

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Nah! I'm not working really.. ehehe! Just checkin' out my usual sites...:) Of course, that includes the FMCC site..;) and I actually just wanted to show off my lafy's new "look".. ehehe.. cool, eh?!..;) Nice shirt too..!;) This is one of FMCC's latest shirt designs for the ladies.. I really love the pink print of this shirt.. For more available designs, you can check them out here. There are also new colors for the polo shirts coming soon, check it here.

Also, our second batch of shirts just arrived in SG earlier this week. We'll be posting more about that soon. A lot of new faces in the FMCC-SG family.. So do watch out for that on our Multiply site!

I'm really thankful my boyfriend and I have this "bizz".. It gives us both something worthwhile to do.. And the added "benefits" don't hurt either..;) ehehe! I'm also thankful that a lot of people have been very supportive of us since day 1... Thank you all!:)


My favorite movies

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These are just some of my favorite movies. Movies that I wouldn't mind watching over and over again.... Lucky for me I have either a vcd or a dvd of these, so I get to watch them whenever I want to..:)

Unfortunately, RockYou! doesn't have a database for tagalog movies so I wasn't able to include my all-time favorite tagalog movies;): Got to Believe starring (late) Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto, and 'Til there was You starring Piolo Pascual and Judy Ann Santos. ahaha!!:)



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Last Saturday, my family and I decided to eat out for lunch to celebrate Joymari's birthday (Sept 8) and Jayson's birthday (Sept 10). And since it was a double celebration, I guess my mom was feeling a little generous with the budget (of course with a little pushing from me;)). I was also able to convince everyone to try something new for a change, instead of our usual Japanese or Chinese restaus. Hence, we ate in Brazil! (Brazilian Churrasco) in ATC, Alabang.

It was our first time to eat at Brazil! (except for Jasmin), so we all had no idea what to expect. We were surprised (and pleased) at the variety of food (meat, specifically) they offered us: from chicken (and the thigh part no less! my fave!), to pork (porkloin, pork belly, etc.), to beef (tenderloin, etc.), to a sausage (dunno which one but it was a little disappointing to me considering i love sausages), to lamb (yum!).:P It also served cuttlefish, green apple, banana and pineapple (remembered my friend Jeng when I saw this!). All are cut straight from the skewer and served directly onto your plate as you can see in the picture. And the best part is that you can eat as much as you want (all you can eat format), for only Php 595++ (i think?).. ehehe..:)

We all left the place super bloated and happy with the experience.:) I was glad to see that even my dad, who's usually picky when it comes to food, enjoyed lunch. Can't wait to eat there again! ehehe.. I certainly recommend this place to all meat lovers! *two thumbs up*


HE brought me you...

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(my (belated) birthday blog for my pAnts.. Happy birthday mahal ko!)

January of 2006, part of my New Year's resolution then was to start keeping a journal: to list things I'm thankful for. Same with my blogspot site, I was aiming to keep myself from losing hope and to start being optimistic about my future. And since it wasn't meant to be read by anyone but myself, I was free to write about anything I want, as in ANYTHING! From the littlest things to the really BIG blessings I receive each day, from the smallest to my biggest dreams in life.. Unfortunately, being the im-no-good-at-writing-i-always-forget-to-write me, I think in less than a month, I already forgot about the notebook! LoL!!:)

Then, a few months ago, as I was cleaning my room I saw that notebook again and decided to read it.. At first I was really laughing at some of the stuff I wrote there (sorry, I'm not telling!:P).. then, I saw an entry that really made me smile, blush, hopeful, thankful and happy all at the same time.. there in one of my entries I wrote that I was happy because my bestfriend, Jajah told me that one of her guy officemates thought I was cute..*blushes* LoL!! I know it sounds
mababaw lang, but back then, I was really feeling so undesirable, insecure and worthless..:'( so learning that there is at least one guy who thinks I'm cute is already worth an entry in my journal.. ehehe!.. And who would have thought that I'd meet him in person 10 months after that journal entry.. and that even with him being so far away from me (in Singapore to be specific), we're able to build a friendship... and that now I am with him.. yup, he's none other than Mr. Anthony M. Muñoz, a.k.a. my pAnts, and my mahal...*love*

To my
mahal: Even before we met, you were already a blessing to me.. Now that I know you, I am even more thankful to Him for bringing you to me.. I really believe that all those loveless years I had (lol!:)) was His way of preparing us for each other.. well maybe more of Him making YOU ready for someone as handful as me! LoL!!!;) Thank you for all the patience, for accepting and loving me for what I am and what I'm not.. Thank you for being there for me.. Thank you for being my blessing.. I really hope God would answer our prayers soon.. I love you..*kisses*

I made a simple video for my mahal, to view it click here.

Here is the lyrics of the song, from the musical play The Little Mermaid:

He brought me to you


In search of my life and my one true love, I pray to almighty God above.
And His masterful voice directed me to the many things I was destined to do.
So I sailed across the mighty sea pursued knowledge of the highest degree
Took to learning new skills, experienced new thrills, felt my life was completely fulfilled.
At the end of my amazing quest, after proving myself by achieving success,
I hope to find the prize so rare, a priceless treasure beyond compare.

For God promised He would bring me love, a love without measure, trusting and true
And behold my dear Sapphire, He brought me to you, He brought me to you.


In search of my life and my one true love. I pray to almighty God above.
His compassionate voice directed me to the many things I was destined to do.
And through my private reverie, I read of lands across the sea
I imagined enchanting hollow and hill, roads beyond my window still.
And through all of these, my fancy quests. I cherished a secret so close to my breast;
I hope to find a prize so rare, a priceless treasure beyond compare.

For God promised He would bring me love, a love without measure, precious and true,
And behold my dear Christian (and behold my dear sapphire) He brought me to you, He brought me to you.


My heart knew this without a doubt, that’s what destiny’s all about


God promised He would bring me love


A love strong and true


a promise He fulfilled above


He brought me you (2x)


He brought me to you (2x)


what is this I feel… is this for real… the longing inside that I just cannot hide…..
…in search of this feeling they all called love.. how could I’ve known somewhere up above
I'd find this rare… this priceless treasure waiting. this isn’t a storybook fantasy..
Its as real as his love for me… the feeling is true…
what I feel for you…and I promise I will come to you…


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