Thank You for my new hobby...:-)

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I LOVE to travel!.. And this led to my new hobby - photography. I enjoyed taking pictures of my travels and other special events in my life.. Capturing 1) the places I've seen, 2) the things I've experienced, 3) the people I was with, and 4) the emotions felt at that time.. Trying to save those moments in pictures (or in videos).. and also so that I can share each and every one of them with you..:)

My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot A60. I was able to take lots of out of town gimmicks with that camera. I also used this one on my first ever trip to Singapore last 2004, and the 2nd one in 2005, and my USA trip also in 2005. During the later I first experienced the thrill of getting something SOOO memorable on (digital) cam. Check out my US trip pictures here to know why...:)

My second 2nd digital camera was still a Canon: a Canon Powershot S5 IS. It was a gift from pAnts. He knew how much I loved taking good pictures and was looking for a better camera, so he got me one.. This camera was also able to capture some memorable travels and events like 1) our family trip to Bohol, 2) my bestfriend Debby's wedding, 3) my cousin Jhoanne's wedding, 4) my sister Joymari's school concert, 5) Outrigger Anilao with Grace and Louie, and lastly 6) my "despedida" karaoke party with TSFI friends..:)

When I got here in Singapore, pAnts and I thought of taking our interest in taking pictures to a different level.. It became a hobby. pAnts got us DSLR cameras (Nikon D300/D80/D50).. and now we FIND stuff to shoot.. like landscapes, or models or events (sports). We learned (and still learning) more about photography and photo editing. We want to develop our skills more, and eventually be good at it. Do we want to be pros in the future? Can't say yet. But for now, just enjoying the shoots is more than fine with me..;)

So far, the only travel I made with my DSLR is w/in Singapore.. and our visit to PH for pAnts' bday, where we went to Subic (to view some of my pictures check my Flickr and Multiply account). That is why I am SO looking forward to our Rawa Island (Malaysia) trip this weekend!.. Hopefully, I'd be able to have lots of pictures to share with you guys next week!;)

So, again, stay tuned!;)


Thank You for my new "toys"...;-)

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"Hello, I'm a Mac!" :)

Yes, I watched ALL the TV ads Apple has on their site.. and most of them are really funny.. and true...;) ahaha!!.. The one entitled "Security" (2007) is my favorite!:)

The iPhone 3G - I didn't really plan to get one.. But pAnts was one of those people who lined up at Singtel just to get his iPhone.. and while he was there he called me to ask if I'm sure I didn't want one.. but then, he would NOT put down the phone until I agreed and let him get me one..*sigh* so there goes..:) and he's generous enough to offer to pay for the phone first.. ehehe.. :P

The MacBook - well... I offered to give my old laptop to my brother and sister back in PH (since my mom paid for that one anyway;)).. and decided to buy myself my very first laptop..:) I didn't have any specific model or brand in mind yet.. all I know is that I wanted a BIG RAM.. since I will be using my laptop mostly for photo editing (Photoshop CS3 & Photomatix).. In my old one, it takes a looooong time to do some stuff with the picture, esp. when it has a high resolution..!:(

Good timing because there was an I.T. show that time.. and they have a promotion for Mac.. By just adding a few $$, you can get a RAM upgrade from 1GB to 4GB!!!:D sweet!..:) plus they accept 0% interest installment terms (special thanks to my bestfriend, Jajah for the lending her credit card)..;)

I've read quite a few forums, and some say Mac is really good for photo editing.. others suggested other PC laptops but they were more expensive than the MacBook.. so, i guess it was a pretty easy decision to make..;) hehe! My only (small) concern is that Mac OS is quite different from Windows, so I know it would take a while to get used to the shortcuts and all...:P To date, I'm still learning and adjusting... still installing some programs... and enjoying every minute of it!..


After 6++months... AT LAST!

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After more than 6 months our TYCO project has finally come to an end!...:) THANK YOU, Papa God!:D

I've had so many good and bad experiences from this project... And I guess we can say I've learned a LOT!.. I am just
so happy I won't be needing to travel 2hrs everyday just to get to work!...

Of course our last day was last Friday, soooo... NTU lunch!!!..:D Of course, I had my usual Friday meal... and savored every bite... I will surely miss our Friday lunches at NTU!...:'(

AHAHA!!.. Proof of how much I love the food there, I already started eating before I remembered I had to take a picture first... ahaha!!!

And this is where we buy those cheap and delicious western lunch (left picture below):

See that stall on the right corner?..:) And then, just to make the most of our last lunch at NTU, my TL and I bought Mua Chee (right picture above) for snack:..:P

I am hoping that my next project would give me better challenges and experiences!.. and that it'll be located closer to my house...;) ahaha!! I'm really praying for that...:) But for the meantime, I am here at our Head Office in Bugis.. and loving the 30mins travel time!...;) ahaha!!!:)


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