my birthday blessings...

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Just turned 28 today! gosh, I feel so old..:( My day didn't really start out so good... but eventually it got better..:)

So trying to stay positive, I'm counting my blessings for today, and here goes (and in no particular order):

1. got my 2008 planners - got really excited because my siblings gave me a Belle de Jour planner for my birthday. Coincidentally, I was also able to complete the stickers needed for the Starbucks planner today... ehehe..:) but i think i'll just be using the BdJ planner... The Starbucks planner may look more "classy" for a working professional on the outside because of it's leather cover, but on the inside, the Belle de Jour planner is more useful, esp. for the ladies. And it definitely has more perks (discount coupons) than Starbucks'!B-)

2. received birthday greetings from special people... I was really surprised (and deeply touched) to receive texts/emails from friends i've lost touch with for a long time.. and for the first time, my "cuz" was able to greet me on time... ahaha!!:) to everyone who remembered, thank you so much guys! your greetings really made my day...:)

3. my driver's license need not be renewed this year..! ahaha!! i thought i'd have to renew it already... i'm very forgetful, so i'm rarely able to keep track of these sorta things.. glad to see my driver's license would expire 2009 pa.. I think it was the first thing that cheered me up today!;) ahahaha!!

4. had dinner with my family at Super Bowl. it was supposed to be at Luk Foo, as i've been craving for the roasted duck wrapped in lettuce for a long time now.. but good thing Super Bowl had something like it also.. Wasn't as good as, but it's ok..:)

5. my mahal surprised me with a cake, c/o my sister... ehehe...:) and lastly,

6. ending my birthday (and of course starting our very first anniversary) talking and having a "blast" with my mahal!..:)

So i guess despite all the negative things that has been happening the past year (2007), i still have some blessings to count..;) and i'm really looking forward to a much better new year (2008)....:)


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