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Maintaining our WEDsite, this blog and my photos & scraps blog... not too mention accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Scrapblog, Flickr, 3 Multiply accounts (pAnts&pJs, jansbautista and FMCC-SG) and others I haven't opened in ages.. you'd think these should already keep me "occupied", right?... apparently not! HAHAHA!!

As if these don't take too much of my time already, I recently discovered (and am addicted to since) two computer games in Facebook:

1) Texas HoldEm Poker

Nice cards I have, eh? A sure win?.. NOT!!! LOLz!

2) Restaurant City
I just started playing this game today, so as you can see,
my restaurant is still pretty small..


2009 Friendship Tag

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Thanks Sis Lorna and Sis Mei for the award and the friendship!:)

1. Take your award here.
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I'm passing this friendship tag to Anna, Escie, Michelle, Kendz, Aileen, Shey, Jeng.


Josiah's Food Tasting

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As I mentioned in my previous blog, we had our food tasting with Josiah's Catering last May 2 at Fernwood Gardens. When we got there, a buffet of different dishes were prepared for us to sample. It was very different from what we've actually expected, which was like just having the dishes we picked served to us in a sort of one plate per dish or something. But what we got was a small serving of each dish that they had there, and then from there Tonio and I chose which one we wanted for our wedding.

Well like I told in my previous entry, we honestly didn't mind this arrangement. And to top it of, Maui just informed me that we'd still have a FINAL food tasting (which I scheduled this for this August), this time of just the final dishes we selected!:) So again, I'm looking forward to that final food tasting, and I promise to blog with more details on that one!;)

But going back, I'd say all the dishes served to us were good... It was a little bit hard for us to choose between the dishes, because we wanted to not only pick for example the best dish for beef, but also to pick a beef dish (for example) that would go well with the pork or the chicken or the fish dish we picked... gets? ehehe!! We tried to make sure there one that's dry and/or fried, and then one with a sauce.. One that's sweet, and one that's a bit spicy... something like that... ehehe!!

Unfortunately, I can't go into the tiniest details regarding the TASTE of each dish, as I was also discussing other things with Maui while eating.. ahaha!! so didn't concentrate much on remembering how it tasted, which dish I liked best, etc. Like I said, I promise to do this on the final tasting.;)

So for now, I'm just gonna show you pictures of the food served to us.. Others we already took a bite from before we remembered to take a picture of it... HAHAHA! Excited!:P Which suddenly reminded me, yes, I did remember something that I really liked: their Mongolian Barbecue! I just love it! I remembered while eating it I was already taking a mental note to remind our OTD on our wedding day to save us a bowl each so that Tonio and I can eat it AFTER the program! HAHA!! Our only request was to add vermicelli noodles to the dish, as they told us the vermicelli was optional, depending on what the customer likes.. and I just LOVE vermicelli! hehe!!

And for our menu, here it is (courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas):

**Note: This is NOT our actual Menu design yet.
This is solely for the purpose of showing you our Menu.;-)


Reporting Day#4 (May 2)

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Since we were not able to look for a hotel for the wedding preps yesterday (explained here), we decided to do it today.

So again, our day started really early. By 7 am, Tonio and I were already on our way to our dentist for our regular cleaning and check up. Grabe, recession is EVERYWHERE na talaga... Because even our gums are in recession daw... AHAHAHA!!! (Tonio didn't want me to post this picture.. nyahaha!!)

Then , we went straight to Fernwood Gardens for our food tasting with Josiah's Catering. At first we were disappointed to learn that they were expecting around 25 clients to come. But Maui (our AE) never left our side until we were done with all our discussions:

  • menu - the food were great (I did a separate post for this, read it here)!
  • linens
  • centerpieces - for the couple's, presidetial and guest tables
  • back drops
  • buffet table set up
  • floor plan - informed Maui that we'll need space for our "stage"
  • cake - We picked one from Judy Uson's cake selections, but we also we showed Maui the design we want and asked if they can "add" it in... I also have a (baptismal) godfather who's giving us a cake for our wedding, so I asked if maybe Judy and the other cake supplier could talk and dicuss how they can make the 2 cakes look like just 1 cake..:)
  • other freebies and package inclusions - chocolate fondue, bird cage, emcee, program, DJ, lights...
Unfortunately, I just got word from Maui the other day, and she said that Judy (cake) can not do our request..:( So maybe we'll just ask the other supplier for that..;) ehehe!! I'm almost 100% sure they can do it...;) Maybe this coming August, when we go home again, we'll schedule a meeting with the 2 cake suppliers...;)

For the linens and centerpieces... *sigh* We were able to pick something out then, but when we got back here in Singapore, I saw pictures of centerpieces from wedding sites that I really liked and inquired with Maui if they can do it... but so far, the feedback from their stylist is that it's not possible, unless we were willing to pay additional (which we were NOT!)..:( so now both sides are still working on it... checking our options.. to be honest, we're even entertaining the thought of getting a stylist... but then again, I really don't wanna spend more $$$ just for a stylist...*sigh* Maybe someone could give it to us as a gift??......;) ahaha!!

Anyway, after our food tasting, we went to see Sharon (our AE for Fernwood) to pay for my bridal car and 6 panels of dance floors. She gave us freebies and discounts for that, which we're somehow happy with..:) We're still praying for a good breezy weather on our wedding day, so we still haven't reserved an A/C for the reception..:) But Sharon assured us that she'll try to have an A/C on standby just in case..:)

After that, we visited Tita Juliet again to finalize our prices and pay for the DP..:) Also, another one of our flower girls (Julia) was with us, so she had her measurements taken. I also asked Tita Juliet to make me a dress too, for the wedding(s) we might attend in December, so she took my measurements as well..:)

Then, we went to Ortigas to look for our preps venue. The first we checked was Crowne Plaza. Personally, I liked the interior of their suites. It's very spacious, and comfy-looking. Plus the prices were w/in the range of our budget. But of course, since we were only "canvassing", we didn't confirm anything yet.

Next we checked was Edsa Shangri La Hotel. When we asked people for suggestions, we heard this hotel a lot! But obviously, the prices are way more expensive. I think my dad knows someone with coupons we could use, so if we did get it, then most probably Edsa Shang it is!;) Otherwise.... Not sure yet... ahaha!!

Since we were more or less happy with the 1st 2 hotels already, we decided to just have an early dinner. Tonio and I (for the first time) ate at Red Crab in Greenbelt 3. We just LOVED the food, that we promised to eat there again (and try their buffet) the next time we're back in PH!!:)

After that very satisfying dinner, we went to Landmark to check out prices of RTW suits for our male entourage. Prices of coats ranged from Php2,600 - 8,000 a piece! Waah, really expensive!:( We'll probably buy the suits the next time we're back also..

And then we went to buy some groceries to bring back to SG, like laundry soap (my sister likes the smell of l.soap in PH), corned beef, etc. We're scheduled to fly back early the next day (May 3).

So that's about the whole of my report on our 4-day wedding preps in PH..;) Overall rating: a SUCCESS (more or less)!;)

Now I'm dreading making our August Itinerary...:-S Ahahaha!! Soooo much more to do!!


Reporting Day#3 (May 1)

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May 1 - Labor Day... and hard labor we did! nyahaha!!!

My day started with me, my dad and my mom going from Las Piñas all the way to Silang, Cavite to have (this time) MY measurements taken by my aunt Tita Beth, who will be making my gown.. When we got there, she was still on her way home from CAGAYAN(!?), so we had to wait for her first. While waiting, my mom, my other aunt Tita Dahlie (also our PS*) and I discussed what I want for my bridal gown. I showed them my gown inspirations (see below, mostly taken from Brides.com). After arguing here and there (*sigh*), we more or less came out with something we all agree on. Since Tita Beth is not really a designer, I don't have a sketch/drawing to show you.. But like I said, these are my gown inspirations:

** Pictures courtesy of Brides.com

I told them I really want a "sexy" back (this I get my inspirations from Veluz), and a skirt with "bustings" (term I learned from Christine Go). To be perfectly honest, I'm still not 100% "sold" with the design we picked... but it's really pretty... It's just me.. I don't know what design would compliment my body built.. May pagka insecure lang rin po kasi talaga ako...:( But hopefully I'll have my 1st fitting this July 18, and I'm hoping once I see the gown on me, I'll get more excited and confident with my gown..:) If not, then there's still more time and I can still look for a designer! ahaha!!

Btw, I also brought the gown I bought from Tutuban for a little alteration. So after my Tita took my measurements and noted the alterations needed, we left for our "lunch date" with Tonio's family.

Pamamanhikan is a Filipino custom, where (if I'm not mistaken) the two families meet, get to know each other, and basically discuss all the wedding preparations. Usually the guy's family brings gifts and food to the girl's house. This is also (I guess) the time for the guy to formally ask the girl's parents for their daughter's hand in marriage.

However, since Tonio and I have already started with our wedding preps and are handling almost everything, we didn't have the "typical" pamamanhikan. We just wanted the two families to meet. And since I didn't want my mom to worry about the food preparation and clean up that comes after a gathering, I asked Tonio if we can just go to a restaurant with a secluded area so that we'll have some privacy while we have lunch and talk about whatever...:P ehehe!!

Tonio and I went for ocular inspection and to reserve tables the previous day. At first, we considered Luk Foo, it's a Chinese restaurant, and we both loved the food there. However, they wanted to place us on the main area, with the rest of the other customers. I told them we needed/wanted a bit of privacy. They (almost unwillingly) led us to their 2nd floor, where there are a lot tables empty. I wanted to stay at one of those tables where you can close it, to look like it's a separate room, but they said they can't. Then the place was also a bit dark, because the lights are off. And there were no aircons open. But still, I know the food is great there, and the prices reasonable, so I asked to reserve us tables.

Then, after our shoot with Wally Gonzales, we went to Hula Hula Seafood and Barbque House at West Gate to check the place out. They also didn't have any secluded area, but I was really pleased that they were willing to accommodate us and move tables around just to create a separate space that will give us some privacy. So we called Luk Foo to cancel our tables, and pre-ordered our food. We ordered: Jojo's Chicken Wings for Appetizer, Hawaiian Molo Sensation for Soup, Baby Shrimp Fried Rice, and then for the main dishes: Mess of Steaks, Mess of Fish, and Crab Maritess. Here are some pictures:

After lunch, we all went to my house for desserts. Then, Tonio and I went with his family to Duty Free for some shopping. After that, Tonio and I went back to Alabang for a courtesy call with one of our PS*. My mom and dad went with us. We chatted for a while, and quite surprisingly enjoyed the visit. It wasn't at all awkward nor was there any prolonged silence like I thought there would be..:) We even planned on just staying for 30 mins, and turned out we stayed for more than an hour at the least! After that, Tonio and I went straight to our main photographer, Paul Vincent's house in Quezon City to finalize and get our contract. We paid our balance for the DP. We also discussed our plans for the prenup shoot with him. And of course, again, a LOT of fun fun fun conversation!:)

We were not able to do an ocular check of hotels in Ortigas for our wedding preps venue becuase we left Paul Vincent's house very late already. But before going home, Tonio and I stopped at Amici along Tomas Morato for dinner.

So like I said, it was a LOOOONG and tiring day, but we sure had a LOT of fun and laughter this day!!...:)

For DAY 3, mission: (slightly) ACCOMPLISHED!;)

* PS - Principal Sponsor or more commonly called Ninang sa Kasal for Filipinos


Reporting Day#2 (Apr. 30)

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Coming from a VERY tiring and full day 1, day 2 had a much lighter schedule..:) We only had my trial make up in the morning, and our prenup shoot with Sir Wally in the afternoon. The day started with me being a little irked at Tonio because I thought he's leaving his house in Cainta by 10 am so he can pick me up in Las Piñas by 11 am to go to the salon. It turned out he almost just woke up at 10, so I had my mom bring me to the salon and wait for Tonio there... anyway...

I arrived at Leo Priagola's salon a little past 11 am. I showed him pictures of the hairstyles I wanted during my wedding.. yes, I want a different hairstyle during the ceremony and the reception! ahaha!! Of course, during the ceremony, I want the classy, elegant and sweet look (left picture**). For the reception, I want a more laid-back look (right picture**)..;) For the make up, nothing too fancy for me... Maybe just a little "arte" on the eyes, but that's it for me... ehehe!! Here are some pictures:

Of course, I really made sure our prenup with Wally Gonzales comes after the trial hair and make up so that it's like killing 2 birds with one stone, right?.. ahaha!! Had our prenup shoot in Fernbrook Gardens, and the place is just nice on pictures. Before that day, our (me and Tonio) idea for the shoot is just to do poses and candid shots around the cars and carriages of Fernbrook. Because our outfits are just trendy casual, and we felt that Fernbrook is too grand a place that we'd have to wear formal attire to "match" the place. But when we got there, we let Sir Wally lead.. and we just enjoyed ourselves during the shoot! He was very funny and friendly, and he sure made us do a lot of poses. After the shoot, Anthony and I are just very excited to get a copy of the pictures. And when we did, we loved a lot of them! It was so hard for us to pick just 40 pics for the prenup album..:) Below are a few of the unedited (RAW) pictures that we did not pick..;) Of course, the pictures for the album is a surprise for now..:)

For DAY 2, mission: (successfully) COMPLETED!!!;)

** Pictures courtesy of Brides.com


Reporting Day#1 (Apr. 29)

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Just to share with you guys what we did last Apr 29 - May 2. I won't be able to do it in one blog because it will be looooooong, so I'm doing a blog a day..;) And as promised, there are LOTS of pictures!;)

For April 29, we (more or less) were able to do everything we wanted to do. From the airport (thank God our flight was on time!), we went straight to Divisoria.. or rather Tutuban Center and Cluster Building in our case...;) Anthony's mom and brother were with us so we stuck to the no-crowd, airconditioned places..;) We first had an early lunch at Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant (Anthony's brother is a vegetarian, so he wanted us to try out this restau), then started with our (window) shopping!;)

I was able to get swatches for the female entou gowns... We were also able to buy a bridal gown for our TTD shoot with Paul Vincent (love the gown, can't wait for the shoot!;) )... I was not able to buy the materials for our DIYS though, because I still wasn't sure what I needed and wanted, but I did look around to check what my options were... We didn't look for the boxes for our invites anymore... and lastly, we were able to get some souvenir ideas, but we didn't finalize/buy anything.. again, still checking our options (and budget!), before we decide on anything...;)

We ran later than expected, so we arrived at Market Market pretty late already. Here we met with our OTD, Events Manila! We discussed some details of our wedding, and asked a few questions.. Basically we just went there to meet Ms. Rose, because we feel it's easier to interact with someone you already met in person, don't you think?:) We were pretty happy with the meeting, even if we realized we still have a lot of pending matters that we need to attend to ASAP.. ahaha!! But I guess that's the whole idea of having your coordinator, right?..;)

After that, we went to our modiste Tita Juliet's house in Quezon City for the girl's measurements. Initially, I only asked my BM's and SS's, I totally forgot my FG's! Nyahaha!! Good thing 2 of them were able to go with us..:) The final quotation for my whole entou was a bit higher than expected, but still quite a bargain!:) Here are some photos taken:

Attendees were: Joymari (BM), Mahal (BM), Ate Risa (SS), Rein (FG) and Julia (FG). And then, Anthony's mom will also have her gown made by Tita Juliet. After the fitting, we treated the girls to dinner at A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante along Visayas Ave.

So, for DAY 1, mission: ACCOMPLISHED!;)


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