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Yes!!! It's exactly 10 days since our wedding! Been really busy the past few weeks.. but I'M BACK!!!..:) I will now have more time to blog, scrapbook, bake, etc.. ahahaha!!

To start my series of "wedding report" blogs (hehe!), here are some of our photobooth pics:
Bride & Groom

With Paul Vincent & Ayvih (our wedding photographers)

With the Bride's Family

The Bride's Siblings (gorgeous arent they??;))

Check out the whole gallery here! We were really happy our guests seemed to enjoy the booth..:) My only regret was that I didn't take as much photos as I would have wanted.. hehe! I was already too tired by the time we had a chance to go to the booth.. hehe! But then again, we had fun! And I sure love the pics!:)

Super duper thanks again to my bestfriend, Jajah for this cool gift!;)


"Ocho-ocho, ocho-ocho..."

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Today, I'm the "Excited Bride"!;)

In a couple of days, H2B* and I will be flying back to PH*! And the cute (yet scary) thing is, I know 2 other (December) B2B* friends who will be on that same flight! Whoa! I'll sure be praying for a safe journey for us! Hehe!

Updates for today:
1. The new labels I sent a looong time ago has FINALLY arrived in our house! Gosh, it took like 2 freaking weeks to get there!!! Hayz!! I'm really grateful that we have the email and Chikka nowadays, I was able to at least email/SMS my friends to invite them!

2. Already have an idea for the remaining 40% of our wedding dance.. Haha!! Now I just need to discuss it with H2B* and then practice it! Haha!

3. Got the mp3 for our wedding dance!!!;)

4. FINALLY, bought my wedding shoes!! It's not the typical wedding shoes, and I'm sure my mom would react when she sees it.. Haha! But I'm happy with it! At least I am certain I could still use it even after the wedding..;)

5. Had dinner with my w@wie friends, and as usual, really learned a LOT from them! Those last minute tips are definitely helpful!

6. Was able to do a few more pages for our guestbook.. I was also able to design one DIY* that I really wanted to do but thought I wouldn't have time for it..;) I'm praying we could buy the ink refills for our printer tonight so that I can print them already!;)

Not bad for a day's work, eh?...;)

* H2B - husband-to-be
B2B - bride-to-be
PH - Philippines
DIY - Do-It-Yourself


Nine, Siyam, 9...

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days to go from today, December 09, 2009..!

Today, I'm more of the "OC bride" than the "excited bride".. hehe!! There's just sooo many things I'd want to have/do, if only we have enough time.. and $$$.. Hahaha!!

Updates for today:
1. My mom just picked up her gown! Saw the pictures sent by my brother, and I really loved the color we picked on her!:) And the cut of the gown is quite flattering to her figure..;) I just hope she loves it too! Haha!

2. Finished about 60% of our wedding dance choreography! ahahaha!! I'm so happy of what we've accomplished so far, considering we're no dancers..;)

3. Was also able to do some canvassing and inquiries for possible additional souvenirs. We do have the photobooth for souvenirs already.. But we're just considering having one more.. well, only if it's still possible to add one given the time left..

We're having dinner with my w@wie friends tomorrow night! Excited with that! Yey yey!!


10 days to go...

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Oh yes! 10 days left 'til the D-day! And yes, we are still not completely done with the preps! waaah! hehe!

Updates for today:
1. V-Craft Printers emailed us that our missals are ready for pick up! That's a BIG sigh of relief for me because I completely forgot to confirm if they received and accepted my (informal) email as my go-signal for them to start printing! Good thing they did.. Phew!

2. We were able to practice about 25% of our first dance.. ahahaha!! (Good luck na lang to us with the remaining 75%!)

3. We also bought a new set of attire for our bearers. The ones we bought in PH were too big for them, so had to buy again.:( We love the new ones though (looks waaaaay better), although it's way more expensive also.. Haha!

4. Was able to find a nice "prospect" for my wedding shoes.. Again yes, (unfortunately) I still don't have shoes! But I'm still hopeful! Haha!

Not bad for an evening's work, eh?;)


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