Some trial monograms

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I've been looking for the right mood or inspiration to start working on our monogram. Anthony and I have downloaded several fonts (both for Mac and PC), and checked out a lot of sites for ideas. Then yesterday, just thought of fooling around with several samples in MS Powerpoint, and here's what we made so far:

This one I made from Adobe CS4:

For now, I think we're going with the 3rd one. I'm proud to say Anthony made that one..;) So now I guess our next project is for the "initials-only" monogram..;)

Please do let us know what you think.:) We'd love to hear your thoughts and votes!:)


Prayer of an Engaged Couple

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Thanks to sis Anna for sharing this prayer:

Father, God of life and love,
together we come before you.
Make us strong in faith and generous in love for you and for each other.
Bless both of us.
May we become more honest and sincere as we try to get to know each other better.
We hear and see so many things around us especially through the media
that convey misleading messages about love between two people.
May we learn your Truth.
May we let Jesus, your Son be our Teacher in learning
about true self-giving and loving.
Help us to resist all temptations and to avoid occasions
that would lead us to sin.
Let your Spirit be our only Guide in knowing your will
and in living it faithfully.
When we would have become ready
to take each other completely
for the rest of our lives,
may we celebrate
through the Sacrament of Marriage
your wonderful gift of love
together with family, relatives and friends.


Our caterer: Josiah's Catering, Inc.

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As I mentioned in my previous post, my fiance and I had our food tasting last January 2. From Fernwood's list of accredited caterers we picked our top 2 caterers: Center Table Catering, Inc. and Josiah's Catering, Inc. We got good feedbacks from friends for these 2 caterers that's why we picked them.

The food tasting went well for both caterers. We both liked the food we sampled, although I preferred Josiah's a little more (maybe I'm just biased, because it was my friends who had Josiah's, and Anthony's friends who tried Center Table)..;)

So with food taste out of the list, the decision for us boiled down to the reception set-up, package price and (for me this is really important) the AE...

Regarding the 1st concern, so far, based on our visits in both Fernwood and Fernbrook, we honestly usually notice/like the set up of Center Table more.

For the price, their minimum package rate is the same. Of course, it just differs with the freebies they are willing to give, and what other items are included in the package, like guest book, dove, cake, sounds, etc. On this issue, if ever there is a difference bet. the packages, I was confident I could haggle it from the caterer we choose... so this wasn't really an issue for me...

And for the last, but definitely not the least, issue: the Account Executive.. This for me is really important.. Because we were both overseas, I want to pick suppliers that would require lesser time (and cost) for us to manage... Hands down, I was impressed and got excited with Josiah's AE!.. The person we talked to then was Xarin. She was confident and showed she really knows her job, and yet friendly enough to let us know she welcomes whatever it is we had to say/ask/suggest.. And she gave us freebies, like the chocolate fondue!;)

Of course, those who've already visited our WEDsite would know we already chose Josiah's Catering. When we confirmed with them, we learned that we were assigned a different person to handle our wedding. At first we were worried.. Because she might not be as easy to talk to as the previous AE.. But thank God, we got the BEST AE ever!! Maui is simply godsent! She is very friendly, hard working and most importantly (esp. to overseas couple like us) very accessible! She's almost always online in YM. And we'll be forever grateful to her that she was able to book Missy (our emcee) for our wedding!;)

Missy is a very popular emcee for weddings.. And we were really afraid that she'll be book on our wedding day if we don't book her ASAP. We read in w@w that it's hard to book her thru caterers, so we had already decided to look for her ourselves. Then, just when we were about to book her directly, Maui came back from her maternity leave, and helped us book Missy thru Josiah's (since providing us an emcee is part of our package)! Didn't I say she's Godsent?!;)

We haven't met Maui in person yet.. but we are sooo looking forward to our second food tasting with Josiah's this May, and for us to finally meet our AE in person..:)

I'll post again how the food tasting goes.. and this time, I won't forget to take pictures first before we eat the food!;) ehehe!!


I've never eaten soooo much food!

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January 2, 2009 - to date, I think I can honestly say I've never eaten as much food as I had on this day!.. ahahaha!!

Our day started with a lunch date with my fiance's college friends at Mr. Rockefeller in Greenbelt 3, Makati. I think it's been a while since the last time they got together, so since both Anthony and his friend, Brydon (who's also based here in Singapore) are both in PH for the Christmas holidays, they decided to have their "reunion". The group shared the Hot Spinach Dip for appetizer. And then Anthony and I each ordered a main course (just can't remember now what exactly).

After that, Anthony and I went straight to The Wedding Library at SM Megamall to meet with a cake supplier, Ms. Penny Llanera of The Pastry Studio. We really enjoyed chatting with her!:) Even if she mentioned that she was really, really busy that time of the year, we didn't see any sign from her that she was in any way in a hurry to talk to us. As a matter of fact, it was even the other way around! We were the ones who had to cut our chickahan short, because we had another appointment to go to! And then, she gave us 4 fondant cupcake samples which were really REALLY delicious!!! I've tasted some fondant cakes before, and I usually find it too sweet, so I end up eating a few bites only... But Ms. Penny's cupcakes were just perfect!!! Imagine, we almost finished all 4 cupcakes(remember we just came from LUNCH!)!! Our only concerns with her at that time were: 1) that she still wasn't an accredited cake supplier of Josiah's (which was then one of the caterers we were considering) so if we picked Josiah's (which we did!) then, we won't be able to get her cakes as part of our package... We'd need to get her cupcakes separately.. and 2) the cupcakes were a bit pricey for us.. well, only because we wanted all our guests to have a cupcake each..;) Until now, I still can't forget her cupcakes! And I'm still really trying to fit in her cupcakes in our budget so our guests could try them out too!!:) That's how much I love them!;)

Our next stop that day was in Fernwood Gardens for food tasting with Center Table Catering, Inc. and Josiah's Catering, Inc.!! Yes, food tasting for two caterers! We met with Center Table first. The food they had us sample was good. Anthony liked it already. I, of course, want to taste Josiah's first before I make any judgments..;) ehehe!! Unfortunately, since we've been eating since lunch, we were really only able to sample the food..

Next was with Josiah's. Of course we were uber full and bloated by then that I think we just had one bite per dish..:P Based on the food we sampled from both caterers, the food from Josiah's is a little better for me. Anthony is ok with both. (You can read how we picked our caterer on my next post)

After that... no, the eating doesn't stop there!.. ahaha!! After the food tasting we had to go meet Anthony's HS friend for dinner. We met them at Amici in Tomas Morato. We were not able to eat anymore! Ahaha!! We just chatted with them while they eat.. good thing they were pretty understanding about it!

And then, during dinner, I received a text from my friends, inviting us for a drink somewhere in Makati! Anthony and I still went there.. By then, we were able to have a couple of beers, and a few bites of pulutan!.. and, thankfully, that ends the eating...;) ahaha!!!

What a day, huh?!?!;)


My first EB ever!

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I know, I know.. we're in this "era" where EB* is happening everywhere.. And ngayon lang ako nakipag-EB! Ahaha!! It was with no less than the Singapore-based w@wies!:)

We decided to meet up last Feb. 7 @ Vivo City. I think this was also one of the very few "gimmicks" I had in Singapore that my fiance didn't go with me.. So naturally I was nervous to go at first, but at the same time very excited to meet new friends.. And I was sure I'd learn a lot from them.. And I did!;)

Sis Escie and I were the first to arrive at the meeting place. Then we were happy to see Sis Lorna (because it was her birthday that day and she wasn't sure she could drop by) with hubby Caesar. It was the 4 of us for a while before the others came.. I learned so much from them.. I also received my first ever W@W Calendar from sis Lorna!:)

Then the others arrived... And more kwentos and chickahan happened... Sayang lang because I had prior engagement made na for that night, so I wasn't able to stay long.. But it was definitely fun meeting the new and old batches of w@wies!:)

* EB - defined in the Urban Dictionary as short for "eyeball" or get together. Originated in the CB Radio community. Can be a noun, verb, or "EB party."
** Photos c/o sis Lorna, sis Jhude and Anthony. To see full set of pictures, click here.


Cause of Confusion

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I LOVE the color BLUE!.. so even waaaay before, my dream wedding would always include the color blue...

But browsing different wedding sites definitely shed more confusion than light.. ahaha!! I saw a LOT of really REALLY nice inspiration boards that made me think twice (ok, I admit a LOT more than that!*wink*) if I should change our colors.. and here are the culprits: (hehe!)

The first one is from Snippet & Ink, which is hedge green and raspberry punch. The second one is from Inspiration For A Purple & Pink Wedding website. Loved these 2, so we're now definitely having PURPLE for our second color! we'll just need to choose now the right shades (blue: navy, royal, sailor, sapphire; purple: raspberry, ruby, merlot, african violet) for the perfect color combination!*wink*

Now, this one below is definitely something very different from what I had in mind, but when I saw it, I just loved it that I considered the combination. Saw this from Martha Stewart's Bride's Guide. It's Ivory and Gold with Black as an accent. Definitely glam and chic!

Lovely, right?.. Now, maybe for our 10th/25th/50th wedding anniversary......? LOLz!!!


Fonts Fonts Fonts!!

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Yes, I've always had the habit of collecting fonts.. probably since I learned using MS Word! ahaha!! So naturally, now that I'm getting married, we've thought of doing a lot of stuff ourselves like our save-the-dates, missalettes, programme, menu, etc...

During one of my internet surfing I came across this picture file displaying fonts that are commonly used in weddings. Just thought of sharing it with you guys..;) Hope it helps!


**Note: I forgot where exactly I got this picture, but if your guys know, please inform me, so I can tag properly. Thanks!

Sisterhood Award

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Thanks to sis Lorna and sis Shar for this award!:-)

Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I'm passing this award to: Aileen, Escie, Shey, Kendz, Jeng, Anna, Nini, Jhude, Ethel, and Jasmin.


Disclaimer muna...;-)

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Since I didn't initially intend to blog about my wedding preps here, I would like to apologize kung ang mga kwento ko ay patalon talon... Hihi!!;) We have our WEDsite for all wedding-related blogs dapat.. but, I got inspired to share my wedding preps in details here when a "Blogging Brides" thread came out in W@W... so here it is... Happy reading!;)


Story behind our venue

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From our WEDsite, I already mentioned that we originally wanted to have our wedding reception at Fernbrook Gardens. And then for the church ceremony, maybe have it at St. James in Alabang (I really fell in love at first sight with this church) or just use the chapel inside Fernbrook. That was my dream wedding...

But then, when we had our occular visit last December, I was surprised at my reaction.. I didn't get all excited as I expected (for people who know me, they know how "excited" I can get when something really made me happy)... For all the Fernbrook brides, don't hate me!;) ehehe!! The place IS definitely grand! You can really see the elegance of the place. Like I said, I was also surprised with my reaction.. Maybe I just got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning or something??... Or maybe I just got a little disappointed when we learned that despite making an appointment, the person we spoke to wasn't there that day to accommodate us?... Or that I couldn't help but notice some parts of the place is yet to be finished? Especially the gondola part which I really wanted from that place... I just felt that the place wasn't "it" for me...:(

The next day my family, Anthony (my fiance) and I went to Bulacan for my family's (post) Xmas party. Since we were already there in the north area, we decided to call Fernwood Gardens and see if they can accommodate us to see the place. They said yes, so we left the party a little early to make it around 6pm to Fernwood.

And just like the first (and only) time I was there (which was during my close friend's wedding way back 2007!) I fell in love with the place.. There's just something there, I don't know what, that makes me feel "excited"..:) Maybe it's that "garden" (paradise) feel of the place.. a little bit mystical.. but at the same time "homey" too... and I just love the hanging ferns! That's what I didn't see much of at Fernbrook: the ferns... Although I just recently read that Fernbrook has already added more plants to the place.. Maybe other people had the same thought as I did..

Just now, I suddenly realized the difference of the two for me: Fernwood is more "paradise", while Fernbrook is more like the "fairytale castle" with its Victorian and Russian inspired designs..;) Again, both are perfect venues for weddings.. it just depends on which "draws" you more..;)

That we were able to save more or less Php40K in choosing Fernwood I guess made the choice a little easier for us! Ahaha!:)

You can check some photos we took during our occular visits here.


P.S. Again, everything here is based on MY own taste and preferences only!;)

What Kind of Bride Will You Be

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Saw this quiz from my friend (and fellow bride-to-be) Jeng. And here's what I got..

Nyahaha!! Soooo true! (oh, wala nang kokontra!) Ahaha!!


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