Status Report#2

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With less than 6 months to go 'til D-day, here's our 2nd status report:

  1. Church Venue - St. Francis of Assisi Chapel - booked
  2. Reception Venue - Fernwood Gardens - booked and FULLY paid
  3. Caterer (inc. Children's Meal, Suppliers' Meals) - Josiah's Catering - booked; menu selected; final food tasting scheduled this August.
  4. Cake - included in caterer's package but we might also get one from my baptismal ninong. We'll be coordinating on the final cake design on August.
  5. Beverage - included in caterer's package
  6. Flowers (for Chruch) and bouquets - 15-58 Flowers & Styles - booked with DP.
  7. Flowers (for Venue) - included in caterer's package with free upgrade.
  8. Emcee - Missy Ferrer-Litao - included in caterer's package, booked
  9. Musicians (Ceremony) - San Martin de Porres Youth Choir - booked, but to still pick song line up
  10. Photographer - Paul Vincent Photography - booked with DP; prenup on August.. still to finalize theme and location of the shoot.
  11. Engagement Photographer - Wally Gonzales Photography - booked and FULLY paid; received layout proposal for the album. Album for pick-up on July 18.
  12. Videographer - Threelogy Digital Video - booked with DP.
  13. Souvenirs - Partypics - booked with DP.
  14. Transportation - booked and fully PAID, c/o Fernwood.
  15. Wedding Coordinator - Events Manila - booked with DP.
  16. Invitations - picked our supplier and we finally have an idea for the design which we're really, REALLY excited about.. still to finalize the design before we pay for DP.;)
  17. Save-The-Date - DONE!:)
  18. Bridal gown - DP paid, but have yet to confirm receipt with my designer.
  19. Female Entourage's Gowns - paid 50%. Some girls already had their measurements taken. Others to follow.
  20. HMUA - Trial done last May. Booked for bride + groom + 3 heads.
  21. Others:
    • Dance floor -PAID 6 panels c/o Fernwood
    • Our WEDsite - done and launched!
And for the to-dos/work-in-progress list:
  1. Officiant - still undecided, we'll decide after we have all our "parish" requirements done
  2. Marriage License and other doc. Requirements - will start collecting by July at the EARLIEST, cause it only has 6 mos validity
  3. Other DIY Stationery (Programmes, Menu cards, Misallettes, etc.) - since we already bought a printer, i'll be starting on this one SOON!;)
  4. Musicians (Reception) - still thinking if we're getting one
  5. List of Entourage - mostly done.
  6. List of Guests - mostly listed.. feel i need to trim down a bit to stick with 200pax
  7. Groom's Suit - undecided...:(
  8. Male Entourage's Suits - canvassed prices in Landmark and SM already.. still to finalize..
  9. Gifts for (Parents, Sponsors, etc.)
  10. Wedding Rings - Have an idea of what we want already.. Just waiting for the right time (and money) before we buy.. ehehe!
  11. Hotel for wedding preps - have already cavassed and did occular for several hotels in Ortigas.. Reserved in Edsa Shangri-La but have yet to finalize that one.. still looking for cheaper alternatives (or Shang coupons!)..;) ehehe!!
  12. Others:
    • Cords, Veil, Arrhae - DIY and/or get my mom's help and/or included with my gown
I guess that's all for our 2nd status report..;) For regular updates, please check our official WEDsite. Ciao!;)


They say that....

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1st impressions last... so we always try to showcase our best in whatever right from the start...

They also say that a picture paints a thousand words... (Di nga?.. Thousands talaga?.. Hindi hundreds lang?.. Or millions?...) AHAHAHA!!

But seriously speaking... Tonio and I finally received the proposed layouts for our engagement album from the photo shoot we did with Wally Gonzales! And we're just so excited to share it! We made a few comments for revisions here and there, but overall, we love it!... The engagement album might also serve as our Guestbook, but we're still undecided.. the pictures are just too pretty to write on..;)

So for a sneak peek, here's the 1st page of our Engagement/Guestbook Album:

And sooooooo, what are your thoughts?...;)

(Btw, perfect timing also for this blog.. coz from today we have exactly 6 months to go 'til D-day.. ayayayay!.. ahaha!! next blog: updates!!)

*** Other pages are found at our WEDsite.


I Love Your Blog Award

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Again, many thanks to Sis Lorna for this award!:)

This is the J'Adore Tien Blog Award which means I Love Your Blog in French. (O dba, we learn something new everyday!;))

Passing this award to - Jasmin, Sis Lorna (pwede ba?.. ehehe!! e I love your blog too eh?;)), Sis Maan, sis Mei, sis Escie, sis Khim, sis Anna and Jengers


Movie Date

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I still remember the first time Tonio and I met as bf-gf.. It was here in SG.. I still live in PH then, but I came here with my sister.. there wasn't a second of awkwardness between us then.. It felt very natural to be hugged by him as soon as I came out of those glass doors at the Budget Terminal.. (hmm, wait.. did he grab the Krispy Kreme first?) Ahahaha!! Kidding!

Aside from touring my sister around SG (since it was her 1st time then), we also spent a day with just the 2 of us to celebrate our 1st "monthsary"..:) I remember we watched Night at the Museum at the Cathay Theater. This was the first movie we watched together.. I was never a Ben Stiller fan.. but I had fun watching this movie.. maybe it also had something to do with the company I was with...;) ehehe!

Anyway, so why am I actually writing this blog for?.. Wala naman.. ehehe!! maybe because 28 months & a proposal later, Tonio and I watched Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian..! and I found myself reminiscing those first few dates we had..:) and then I also thought of doing this:

Hmmm.. parang we look bigger today..? LOLz!!

Not one of my best layouts.. ehehe! I'll try to make another layout later...;)

About the movie, I think I liked the Part 1 better.. but Part 2 was still a fun movie to watch..:)


Our Save-The-Date!!

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I already posted this actually at my Photos & Scraps Blog.. I just want to share it here too, since this will probably be our official STD..;) I think my NEED to create THE STD for our wedding... a STD that would represent our wedding themes (not so much with the colors though..;)) perfectly.. and our personalities... has been satisfied!:D We BOTH really feel that this is THE ONE for us!!;) and so, here it is....

Comments are very much welcome!:)

Now... if only the same is true with my wedding gown.....*sigh* ehehe!!

** Photos used are taken from our engagement shoot with Wally Gonzales


Things to keep me busy..


Like I said in my previous post, my H2B* is currently in the US for a month due to work... So while he's not here with me, I made a list of things I'll try to do to keep me busy... so I wouldn't miss him so much also na rin:

  1. Play my internet games ALL the time.. LOLz!!
  2. Organize my files (mp3s, movies, pictures, ebooks, installers, etc.) in my hard disks.
  3. Exercise??? (LOLz!!)
  4. Post-process some backlog photos.. Did a model shoot waaaaaay back, and I was just able to post/share a couple I think..
  5. (Window) shopping...?
  6. Go to a salon for some "pampering" and kakikayan..;)
There's probably more I can and will do.. but this is all I could think of at the moment.. ehehe! Of course, I'll have the occasional meet ups with friends.. and hopefully a LOT of SKYPE-time with my H2B on weekends...;)

*sigh* Oh I really really REALLY wish time flies fast this month!;)

* H2B - husband-to-be


Back to LDR..:(


Since coming here in SG*, my H2B* and I have never been separated for like more than 2 days MAX I think... We see each other every day... and that is JUST the way I want it!.. We've been in a LDR* for more than a year.. and it was really HARD!... I never wanted to be in that situation ever again...

And then we learned that H2B's company is sending him to the US for a month!!:(

Don't get me wrong.. I am happy for my fiance... at least he'll be able to go to the US.. and this is also a very good experience for him career-wise.. But of course.. it also means a month of not seeing him.. and worse.. unlike when I was still in PH* and he here in SG.. this time, with him being in US gives us a 12 HOURS time difference!:( and there's the H1N1 threat too.. I'm really hoping this month flies by really, really fast..

To my mahal, I'm missing you already! Take care there.. And I know I'll see you again soon!:) Mwah!

*H2B - Husband -to-be; SG - Singapore; PH - Philippines; LDR - Long Distance Relationship
**Pictures taken at the Terminal 3 Airport here in SG..


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