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days to go from today, December 09, 2009..!

Today, I'm more of the "OC bride" than the "excited bride".. hehe!! There's just sooo many things I'd want to have/do, if only we have enough time.. and $$$.. Hahaha!!

Updates for today:
1. My mom just picked up her gown! Saw the pictures sent by my brother, and I really loved the color we picked on her!:) And the cut of the gown is quite flattering to her figure..;) I just hope she loves it too! Haha!

2. Finished about 60% of our wedding dance choreography! ahahaha!! I'm so happy of what we've accomplished so far, considering we're no dancers..;)

3. Was also able to do some canvassing and inquiries for possible additional souvenirs. We do have the photobooth for souvenirs already.. But we're just considering having one more.. well, only if it's still possible to add one given the time left..

We're having dinner with my w@wie friends tomorrow night! Excited with that! Yey yey!!


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