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It will actually be my first time to try a photobooth at our wedding..:P ehehe!! So for a (semi) cam-whore like me, I'm really excited! ahaha!! I asked Partypics to also provide props, so that everyone could have fun posing for the camera.. ehehe!! We might also bring some of the masks and props we used for the Halloween party.. ahaha!!

We've already finalized our backdrop and layout for the pics. All thanks to Mr. Paul Siochi of Partypics for his creativity and patience!:P hehe!! I think we had like 5 version of the layout and 3 versions of the backdrop before we approved it.. ahaha!! Signs of becoming OC??? Unfortunately, yes.. hahaha!! But he was very accommodating and patient with our requests..:)

Here's our backdrop showing our monograms:

and here's our layout:

Photo used is from our trash-the-dress prenup with Paul Vincent at Hamilo Coast.:)

I really hope everyone enjoys the photobooth!;)


Cotto-Pacquiao fight and our 2 secs of "fame"

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I think most Filipinos around the globe were glued to their television sets last Sunday morning to watch the Cotto-Pacquiao fight.. It sure was a very exciting match! I'm no boxing expert, but I can really see the effort and passion of both boxers in all 12 rounds!! I think people who spent money to watch that fight got their money's worth! We're just happy that Pacman came out on top in the end!;)

Some of our friends decided to watch the game with us at our place yesterday. We availed of the Video-On-Demand from Starhub. We set up 2 TVs in the living room, and watched the game there.. People brought food for our brunch/lunch..;) And then, one friend invited a reporter from Abs-Cbn (Willard Cheng) he met at the APEC summit. They wanted to do a report on Filipinos abroad supporting Pacquiao.. ahaha!! We never thought we'd be seen on TV and in TV Patrol, no less! ahahaha!! Now I'm really amazed at the reach of TFC.. Even my relatives abroad saw us! ahaha!!

Here's a link a friend saw of that segment in YouTube. Kulet namin noh?... ahaha!! And yes, that's my h2b over there, asking for balato from Aling Dionisya! LOL!!!

Congratulations Manny!! You make us proud to be a Filipino!! And I hope you continue to do so (translation: sana wag ka na sumali sa pulitika! LOL!!)



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Waaaah!! We only have 43 days to go!!... and still so many DETAILS to finalize... Unfortunately, I have been busy with work too.. so I'm really stressed for time.. But hopefully we'll finish everything before the BIG day.... hopefully.... ehehehe..

So for my updates:
1) We were already able to start with our DIY table nos...:) We just need to print it out, and we're done.. Haven't done this yet because I figure printing is not a priority.. as long as we already have files to print, the paper and the printer, then it'll just take say 30mins to finish it.. at least we avoid the risk of losing it or getting our DIYs dirty..:P ehehe!!

2) Some of my girls finally had their 1st fitting!:) And to be honest, I'm really happy with my choice designs (I thought of the designs, and just had it made by a seamstress)..:) My only issue is for my MOH's gown..:( Don't like how the top was made.. the picture/design I gave wasn't followed.. and the fitting is really bad.. Another problem is that my sister is here with me in Singapore so we're contemplating whether to have her go to PH or just have it altered here in SG..:( But I love the color of her gown, and it looks good on her..

3) We've already printed the maps and labels for our invitations and sent them to PH.. And our families received them already..:) Sent email instructions on what they need to do with it..;) Anthony's family also just received our invitations this morning! YEY! Mine hasn't yet, but they should be receiving it within the day too..:) Can't wait to receive our copies here in SG!:)

4) Photobooth - I was SHOCKED to find that the last email bet. me & Partypics was them asking me when our deposit for the downpayment was made because the scanned copy of the deposit slip I sent them was unclear.. that email was sent last MARCH.. and i did NOT reply!! waaah!! Good thing they were able to eventually identify our deposit.. Whew! So we'll now be discussing our layout! I can't wait! I'm really excited!:) It'll actually be my first time to try a photo booth.. hehe!

5) H2B and I have already been discussing our wedding program.. We just need to finalize it, then discuss everything with Missy!:)

6) We are also scheduled to have a "chat" session with our coordinator this Nov. 21 to discuss EVERYTHING!.. We still have a lot of pending items with them, but we hope to finish at least MOST of what's on the list before the "chat".. **keeping our fingers crossed**

I've still got a looooooooooong list of To-Dos... But I'm still staying positive that we can do this! ahaha!! (I sure hope so...)


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