Thank You for friends...

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Since coming here, I have met a LOT of pAnts' friends and new people from work... The later you have already seen pictures of from one of my previous blogs..

I'm happy that now I have some sort of "social" life.. lol!..:) I get to watch movies in cinemas (a lot!), eat out (a LOT too! that's why I gained a lot of weight since getting here!:( ), go (window) shopping, go to parties, meet up with both old and new friends.. and the best part of it is that I get to do it with pAnts, of course..:)

It gets busy.. and tiring sometimes.. not to mention the strain on the pocket..:P what can I say, I'm a homebody.. i prefer staying in than going out...;) ehehe.. but I'm happy to have met them all..:)

So again, thank You, Papa God for the "social" life..;) Haha!!


Thank You for my "new" home...

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Since arriving here in SG, my sister and I have relocated a couple of times... and it's good to know that (for) now, we've finally settled down..;)

We are currently staying with an ex-colleague from PH.. I definitely like our room!:) It's not a master's bedroom, unlike our previous one (hence we have to share the bathroom with a housemate).. and the location of our condo is not very accessible to public transport.. BUT, it is nice and quiet... and we feel comfortable in it.. even if we, literally, live just across a prison (it was said that Flor Contemplacion was executed there)!.. My sister and I joke that we wouldn't mind a prison break as long as the convicts would look like Linc Burrows and Michael Scofield..! kidding! LOL!!:)

Here are a few pics inside Ballota Park:

Meet our neighbors: Mr. BMW, Mrs. Volvo, Sir Jaguar, and the Benz twins!.. AHAHA!!:) I don't actually know the people who own these cars.. ehehe.. just thought of taking a picture of them.. since they are so pleasant to the eyes...;)

And this is our block...

and the view from our unit..

Nice, eh? More pictures (like inside our unit, etc.) to follow...


Thank You for my work..

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I went to Singapore looking for work.. I know I haven't had a lot of experience as a SAP consultant yet when I left my previous company.. So I wasn't expecting anything... I was hoping to get work in the same field.. BUT I came here fully prepared to take whatever job Papa God gives me..

And then He showed me how much He loves me...

I got work as a SAP Consultant, no less, and in a short period of time.. It's a HUGE blessing from Him, and not for a second do I forget that and appreciate what He's given me...:)

Of course there are both good and not-so-good things about my current project.. And I know I complain about the not-so-good part a few times.. ok, a LOT of times..;) ehehe.. like how my work is 2 hrs away from my house!.. so that's 4 hrs of commuting for me everyday!.. and how because of this, I've never taken so much sick leave in my lifetime as I have this past 6 months.. BUT I still know that I'm lucky to have a job.. And I'm still hopeful that sooner or later, I'll find the perfect employer for me..;)

And there are (of course) good things that came with my new work..:) like I'm happy to get a job in SAP.. and despite the other issues at work , I LOVE the ABAP-related challenges I get.. As early as my 1st month at work, I have learned so much already.. and I am so looking forward to learning MORE!!!

I'm also happy to have met new acquaintances from work..:) Despite the occasional nose bleed.. lol!!.. it's good to meet people from other countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, India), not just the locals here in Singapore... We could model for the united colors of benetton, huh?.. ehehe!!

Our work place is located in an industrial park here in Singapore called TUAS.. So the company I'm currently working for has a bus service taking it's employees to different places everyday to eat for lunch... Usually, I just bring my own baon, and eat in the office.. but I always look forward to Fridays!..:) we eat at one of the canteens inside Nanyang Technology University, where they have this Western stall and the food is great and cheap!..:) I used to order lamb chops for just $4, but then it takes a long time to cook lamb chops, and we have limited time to eat before the service bus arrives to take us back to our office... so I tried ordering chicken chops.. and it was great too!:) so since then, every Friday I have chicken chops for lunch, which costs $3.50 only!.. Looks good, huh?.. it tastes even better..:) Then just this Friday, I tried this dessert called Mango Mania.. Yummy!;) so I think I'll add this to my usual Friday lunch...;) ehehe!

So, that's my "new" work life here in SG..:) well... at least until we finish our project here and I get assigned to a different client... or I find a new employer..;) lol!.. Will keep you posted for updates!;)


I'm back!

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I planned on doing a blog, listing the things I've been wanting to share with you guys since I've been here in Singapore.. But then, I realized the blog was getting very loooooooong (and boring?)..;) and I wasn't even finished yet!..:) And at the rate I was going, I thought it might take me another day? week? month? before I complete it to my satisfaction.. ehehe!.. and so.....

I'm not sharing it anymore... ehehe! just kidding!

I'm writing a lot of small blogs instead...;) at least, it will not only be easier and more fun or you to read (hopefully;) ), but will also be easier for me to write.... since it's shorter... lol!!!:)

And so.... I'm back!!! (",)

After 6 months (yeah, it's been that long already since I got here in Singapore) I'm finally able to share with you guys my "new" life here.. so please stay tuned and will keep you posted... very, VERY soon!!:)


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