My 1-day trip to Pinas!

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Yes.. I went home to PH for just ONE DAY!.. I was even dreading it days before my departure... I just knew it was going to be a very tiring trip.. and I was right.. But what I didn't expect was how extremely HAPPY I was that day!:)

My main objective for going home was for my 1st gown fitting.. But being my mother's daughter (ehehe! love you Mom!), I had to make the most out of my trip, so I planned to go to 3 more suppliers!.. ahaha!! Yes, I met 4 suppliers in less than 10 hours!! And they weren't exactly neighbors.. ehehe!! I went from Muntinlupa to Visayas Ave.! Ahaha!! Told you it was tiring!;)

So my 1st stop was with Jorge Palmos in Alabang Muntinlupa at around 10am. Good thing this was my first stop, becuase this definitely made my whole day!!:) Like I said at our WEDsite, we've had a few problems with regards to my gown.. First, I couldn't make up my mind what I want!.. Then we had a hard time settling for a supplier.. Then when Ms. Olie and I exchanged ideas about the gown, I knew the gown would be beautiful.... but I was still doubtful if it is the gown for ME.. I wasn't sure if I'd feel pretty and would look gorgeous wearing it.. so still no excitement there..

Then when I was fitting it... WOW!!... for the first time, I got really excited over my gown!!:) I've been enjoying all my wedding preps, many thanks to my (w@wie) friends... I'm having fun blogging about the preps... coordinating everything.. being hands-on to almost everything... but that gown fitting experience was a different sort of "high"!.. ahaha!! now, I really feel that I AM the BRIDE!! ahahaha!! And modesty aside, I felt pretty in it..;) ehehe!! Unfortunately, we forgot to bring a decent camera with us, but thank God for camera phones, we were able to "preserve" those moments..;) You can view more pictures here.

Our next stop was in Makati around 1pm with Wally Gonzales. I was supposed to pick up our Gustbook/Engagement album, and a framed photo... But due to some miscommunication, the items were not ready for pick up yet..:( but my mom and I did see the pages.. it was smaller in size than I expected.. but still nice..:) After that, we had a late lunch at a restaurant nearby.

Then, we went to Tita Juliet, who's making my girls' gowns, in Quezon City!.. We were able to call my cousin Irene to join us for her measurements..:) Another booboo on my part.. I didn't call Tita Juliet to inform her I was going to visit.. I sort of assumed she'll be home.. which is my bad.. so when we got there, we learned that she was at a parlor having a hair rebond! Hehe!! Good thing the parlor was just close by, so we came there with tape measure and all, and had my cousin measured there! ahaha!! At least it wasn't a complete waste of effort and time.. ehehe!!

Lastly, we went to Trinoma (a first for us) to meet Trina of Village Pro'jeKt for our invitations. I had so much fun talking to her! She showed me lots of her previous work, and they were all very unique and classy! She had lots of good ideas, and I can't wait for our August meeting to finalize the design of our invitations!:)

So there goes my 1-day visit to PH.. After that, my family went to dinner at Kanin Club in West Gate, Alabang to celebrate in advance my mom's birthday..:) Happy birthday, Mommy! and super thanks for accompanying last Saturday!:) Had fun "bonding" with you! Love you! Mwah!


Friendship Chain

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Thanks to sis Lorna and sis Kite for the friendship!:)

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Passing this chain to Escie, Anna, Shey, Marien, Mitch, Jaycee, Maan and Jhan.:)


Home Soon...


A little less than a month ago, I listed things I would do to keep me busy while my h2b is away here. Now in less than 12 hours, I'll be seeing my mahal again! Woot woot!! I just can't wait!

But what have I actually done on that list?.. Hmmm.. Let's see:

1. Play my internet games ALL the time - as my besty sis would say "CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!!".. LOLz!! Not only have I reached the last level in RC (level 27) and "renovated" my restaurant, but I also got a level up in Poker: now a 500K Pro..;) AHAHAHA!! Talk about addict, huh?..;)

2. Organize my files (mp3s, movies, pictures, ebooks, installers, etc.) in my hard disks - Hmmm... This one I wasn't able to do..:-S Ahaha!! Was just too lazy to plug my ext. HD.. ahaha!! Guess that's what I get for buying the one that needs to be plugged to a socket.. LOLz!!

3. Exercise - Does swimming for ONE night count?.. LOLz!!! I guess not.. ahaha!!

4. Post-process some backlog photos - I wasn't able to post process pictures.. BUT.. 1) I did a lot of digital scrapbook layouts (you can see them here) and 2) I'm almost done with my first real scrapbook layout, AND 3) was able to download a LOT of stuff for Photoshop, which will be super duper helpful for my DIYs and future dig. scrapbooking!:)

5. (Window) shopping...? - Hmmm.. this one I did.. I almost even bought a dress.. Just backed out at the last minute.. ehehe!

6. Go to a salon for some "pampering" and kakikayan - this one I got lazy to do too..:( I was supposed to go to a salon with my sister, but since she backed out, I was too lazy to go alone and spend hours sitting by myself while they did my hair..:-S

Ahaha!! Guess I wasn't able to cross out a lot from my list.. ahaha!! But 3 out of 6 is not bad, I guess... Hehe! Don't care! Hahaha! I'm just happy my mahal's home soon....;)


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