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Thanks to sis Lorna for this Award!:)

The rules are so easy:
1. Place the logo / banner on your blog.
2. Add a link to the blog who gave the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to the blogs that you have nominated.
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I'm tagging the ff. sisses: Candy, Anna, Escie, Shey, Michelle, Sieggy, Zigrid, Khim


Our Apr 29 - May 2 Itinerary

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Anthony and I are going back to PH for a 4-day visit. And our schedule is just CRAZY!

Here's our itinerary:
April 29
1. Divisoria shopping

  • Materials for DIYs
    • Papers
    • Ribbons
    • Clips/flowers/beads (for embellishments)
  • TTD gown
  • Box for invites
  • Souvenir ideas
  • Get swatches for Entou Gown
2. 1st meeting and discussions with OTD
3. Female Entourage measurement taking
  • Attendees: Joymari, Mahal (so far)
  • Finalize gown designs and quotation with Tita Juliet
  • Pay DP
  • Treat the girls for dinner.:)
April 30
1. Trial Make Up with Leo or Staki?
2. Prenup shoot with Wally G.
May 1
1. Bridal Gown – finalize design and measurement taking
  • Finalize quotation
  • Schedule 1st fitting
  • Discuss materials to be used
  • Measurement taking
2. Pamamanhikan
  • Venue: restaurant
  • Discuss/Share wedding plans with the family
3. Visit Paul Vincent
  • Check album layouts and style
  • Discuss wedding plans and prenup/postnup ideas
  • Pay balance for DP
4. Look for Hotel for the preps (along QC or Ortigas area)

May 2
1. Dentist
2. Josiah’s food tasting
  • Select Menu (check chocolate fondue)
  • Select flower arrangement (remind flower upgrade)
  • Select/negotiate cake
  • Select set-up
  • Select other items included in contract (check per item)
      • Check also with Fernwood: maps, missalettes, dance floor, bridal car, parking pass
    **Sigh** I'm really hoping everything turns out well, and that we'll be able to accomplish everything here. Help me pray for a good weather, esp. during our prenup shoot with Wally G..:)

    And of course, the #1 thing I should NOT forget... Take pictures, pictures, PICTURES!! ahaha!! I promise to share everything with you all when we get back...;) Ciao!


    Having THE wedding dress

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    For the past few months, I have more or less decided on a couturier. We are even scheduled to finalize the design and pay the DP when we go back to PH next week!

    But then my aunt, who happens to make bridal gowns and would be our ninang sa kasal too, offered to make my gown. And since we are already way over our initial budget, we are grabbing every opportunity we get to save some $$$!;) So now, we're sorta back to 1st base again... I, once again, started collecting gown inspirations, and sent them all to my aunt.

    Picking a design was a bit tough for me... Is that just me, or are there other bride-to-bes out there like me? I can't seem to decide which gown I want to wear for my wedding.. Haha! I see quite a LOT of good ones. So how can I be expected to just pick ONE??! Haha!! And like I said in my previous blog, I hate that I'm being fickle-minded these days...:(

    And so, while browsing wedding sites to look for gown inspirations, I came across this Wedding Attire Guide from WNC Brides. This guide somehow reassured me that the designs I picked suit my body type.

    I hope this article also helps other bride-to-bes get closer in finding/having THE wedding dress...:)

    Wedding Attire Guide
    WNC Brides

    Hourglass Body Type:
    This body type is marked by wide shoulders, full bust, narrow waist and wide hips.

    What type of dress to choose:
    Focus on an A-line or Princess dress with a drop waist. Using a sweetheart or plunging neckline (not too revealing) will accent the bodice. Strapless is another option.

    Avoid using too much detail on the bodice or skirt.

    Pear Body Type:
    This body type is defined by narrow shoulders and small bust with wider hips.

    What type of dress to choose:
    You'll want to choose a dress with a bodice to elongate the trunk, full sleeves to balance out the body, or a Princess like dress that will shrink hips.

    Avoid dresses that are very full, heavy ornamentation near the hips, sheath dresses, or high necklines.

    Inverted Triangle Body Type:
    This body type is defined by broad shoulders, full bust, heavy upper arms, and a narrowing hips.

    What type of dress to choose:
    Bring the attention below the waist by using an elongated bodice with a drop waist. Spaghetti straps or a scoop neckline will shorten shoulder width.

    Avoid puffed sleeves, shoulder pads or halter tops.

    Slim Rectangle Body Type:
    Here the shoulders and hips are very similar in their width with little definition on the waist.

    What type of dress to choose:
    Due to a lack of waistline pick a dress that creates the illusion of a waist with a gathered or pleated skirt and a natural or sashed waistline.

    Avoid sheath dresses that create a more boxy appearance.

    Wide Rectangle Body Type:
    Defined as a nearly straight up and down body shape, the figure is a wider version of the slim rectangle.

    What type of dress to choose:
    Try to elongate the trunk and diminish a broad waist. Choose a dress with a bodice or empire waist and A-line skirt.

    Avoid dresses with natural waistlines, tight waists for belts.

    **Note: All pictures courtesy of Brides.Com


    Status Report#1

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    With only 7 months and 27 days to go 'til D-day, here's what my h2b* and I have accomplished so far:

    1. Church Venue - St. Francis of Assisi Chapel - booked
    2. Reception Venue - Fernwood Gardens - booked and FULLY paid
    3. Caterer (inc. Children's Meal, Suppliers' Meals) - Josiah's Catering - booked, food tasting scheduled this May.
    4. Cake - included in caterer's package, will just have to pick our cake this May.
    5. Beverage - included in caterer's package
    6. Flowers (for Chruch) and bouquets - 15-58 Flowers & Styles - booked with DP.
    7. Flowers (for Venue) - included in caterer's package with free upgrade.
    8. Emcee - Missy Ferrer-Litao - included in caterer's package, booked
    9. Musicians (Ceremony) - San Martin de Porres Youth Choir - booked, but to still pick song line up
    10. Photographer - Paul Vincent Photography - booked with DP.
    11. Engagement Photographer - Wally Gonzales Photography - booked and FULLY paid.
    12. Videographer - Threelogy Digital Video - booked with DP.
    13. Souvenirs - Partypics - booked with DP
    14. Transportation - booked c/o Fernwood.
    15. Wedding Coordinator - Events Manila - booked with DP.
    16. Others:
      • Dance floor - reserved/booked 4 panels c/o Fernwood
      • Our WEDsite - done and launched!
    It looks like we've already covered a lot with 7++ more months to go, right...?? BUT, we have a LOT MORE to do!! Waaah!! And here's our list of to-dos/work-in-progress:
    1. Officiant - still undecided, we'll decide after we have all our "parish" requirements done
    2. Marriage License and other doc. Requirements - will start collecting by July at the EARLIEST, cause it only has 6 mos validity
    3. Invitations - included in venue package, BUT we're considering booking a different supplier.
    4. Other DIY Stationery (Programmes, STD, Menu cards, etc.) - we'll buy materials at Divisoria this May.
    5. Musicians (Reception) - still thinking if we're getting one
    6. List of Entourage - mostly done.
    7. List of Guests - mostly listed.. feel i need to trim down a bit to stick with 200pax
    8. Bridal Gown - undecided...:(
    9. Groom's Suit - undecided...:(
    10. Female Entourage's Gowns - have prospective supplier, we'll meet on May.
    11. Male Entourage's Suits - might just look for RTW, and just have it altered to fit our boys perfectly
    12. Gifts for (Parents, Sponsors, etc.)
    13. HMUA - looking.. might do trial make up this May.
    14. Wedding Rings - looking.
    15. Hotel for wedding preps - scheduled to canvass for hotels this May.
    16. Others:
      • Cords, Veil, Arrhae - DIY and/or get my mom's help
    Not sure if I missed something.. If I did, let me know please..;) For regular updates, you may check our official WEDsite. Ciao!;)

    *H2B - short for husband-to-be in W@Wie linggo....;)


    Our First Freenup

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    For weeks, Anthony and I had been planning and preparing for our "practice prenup" session. Grabe sa dami ng kailangan i-consider!.. and "practice" pa lang yan ha! So what more if it's our actual/official prenup session na?!?;)

    The first thing we had trouble with was the date. We first wanted to do it this coming Saturday, April 18. I thought this is so I could have more time to lose a few more pounds! As if! ahaha!! But then, one of our photographer friend is not available then, so we had to think of a new date that is convenient for everyone. We all agreed on April 10.

    Our next concern was the venue, which is of course dependent on the concept we wanted for our prenup. I wanted a "beach" concept... I wanted those sunset/silhouette shots...;) We are in Singapore. So naturally we could only think of one place within Singapore with a nice beach... SENTOSA!

    Then, there is the time of our shoot... Since we wanted some sunset/silhouette shots, obviously it should be done in the afternoon... maybe 4pm - 7pm?.. But then, suddenly, someone remembered that April 10 is a holiday... So if we go there in the afternoon, we risk having a big crowd in the area, which would NOT look good on pictures... So we changed the time from afternoon to morning... Our call time was 8 a.m.!

    Then our outfits... After a lot of researching, window shopping, discussions and arguments we decided on 3 outfits: (semi) formal wear, "beach" attire, and casual attire.

    Finally, the day came. We had 4 photographer volunteers: Bernie, Bjorn, Enzo and Joey, 2 PAs: Jasmin and Jajah (ahaha!! love you sisters!;)), and 3 outfit changes. We also did a LOT of research for poses and picture styles, which some my besty sister even printed for us for guide. And we even bought rose petals for props!

    And then....... I forgot about the heat and the dirt part of having a shoot in a beach....:( Which means I also forgot to consider my eyes, which swells when exposed to heat and dirt....*sigh* so, after only about an hour of taking shots, one of my eyes was already swelling, that we obviously had to stop our shoot.. unless I want all my pictures showing just one side of my face! ahaha!! We didn't even get to change outfits...:(

    But at least we had our "practice".;) Anthony and I at least learned that we are both comfortable doing poses for the photographers. I personally didn't get to take note much my "angles" and practice my smiles ika nga ni sis Escie..;) But we had fun while it lasted.. despite the UBER hot sun! ehehe!!

    AND, kahit 1 hour lang yan, we are really happy we got some good pictures! Here are a few from our friend Joey:

    So now we're really looking forward to our next freenups!.. AHAHA!! And this time, I'll have my silhouettes!;)



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    Just like (almost) everything in my wedding, selecting my flowers is no easy task... And it doesn't help that our wedding colors are blue and purple! Ahaha! *Sigh* And I hate that I'm being super fickle-minded these days... I'm starting to be an OC and a bridezilla.. yikes!:(

    As usual, I was browsing the inet a lot for ideas. Here are some bridal bouquets that caught my attention:

    Our first discussion with our florist is that my bouquet would be all tulips. I think around 30++ buds. It's something like the 3rd bouquet (1st row from above picture). And then, our florist said he'll add crystals to make the bouquet sparkle in pictures..;) So I'm thinking it's something like this picture on the right, which I saw from Pink Frosting.

    But like I said, it's not easy for me to decide on anything these days..:( Much as I love tulips, I want an assortment of flowers on my bouquet. So I'm thinking a mix between the 4rth (1st row) bouquet and the 2nd (3rd row) bouquet, maybe?:) What do you think??

    As for my female entou bouquet, I want something like the picture on the left. I found this from DBDE's blog. I'm happy that at least with my girls I know what I want na. Haha!

    There's still the church flowers and the reception flowers to think of! Waaah!! So many, lah!;)

    *** Bouquet Collage pictures: Top row from left: photo from Bloomery Weddings, DBDE,, the Bump. 2nd row: photo from Elizabeth's Garden, the Knot, Lena's site, Pauline's site. 3rd row: photo from Orange County Wedding Flowers, Annie's blog debut, 4ever florals, and Flowers Wedding Bouquet.


    My Wish List


    Like I told sis Sieggy when I read her Top 10 Summer Must-Do blog, I wanna make one too! BUT..... most of my must-dos would be either be wedding preps or work related! ahaha!!So where's the fun in that?! ...;)

    So instead, I'm making my WISH list... which I'm probably gonna (try to) get AFTER the wedding na...;) When I have more time (and money) on my hands! ahaha!!! So here it is....

    My Top 10 WISH LIST:

    1. learn how to bake (hmm.. I guess this I can do anytime..:P),
    2. go to the US for our honeymoon (still a little wedding-related, sorry.. and definitely AFTER the wedding..;) ),
    3. find a new job SOON (obviously, I this could be before the wedding too)!
    4. find a new source of income (if it'll need a huge investment, then definitely this will have to wait AFTER the wedding),
    5. have more opportunities to improve my photography skills (I'll need time for this),
    6. learn more about photo and video editing,
    7. blog regularly (consistently) this year,
    8. enroll in a dancing class, and/or cooking/baking class,
    9. organize all my files in my computer and HDs,
    10. lose weight!!!
    Hahaha!! 11th wish: I wish I get them all the soonest time possible! ahaha!!


    Save The Dates

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    Learned about the Wedding Paper Divas through sis Maan's post. This site is surely a great find!:)

    Here are some of the ones I made from the site:

    I like these already.. But if and when inspiration hits, I might do some more "tweaking" to make it more personalized...;)

    ** Special thanks again to sis Maan for sharing this site!:)


    Monograms - Part#2

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    I already posted one blog away some of our trial monograms. And like I mentioned there, we really like the 3rd one.. So I did a few changes, incorporating our wedding colors into it, and here's the result:

    And again, like I said in my previous post, we're now working on our "initials" monogram..:) Sticking with more or less the same fonts we used above, here are some of the stuff I made so far:

    Initials#1 (our first name initials watermarked)
    Initials#2 (our first name initials watermarked)
    Initials#3 (just our first name initials)Initials#4 (our last name initial watermarked)
    Initials#5 (our last name initial watermarked)
    Initials#6 (our last name initial watermarked)
    Again, your thoughts, comments, suggestions and/or violent reactions are welcome..;)


    Just want to say...

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    It's April Fool's Day! I got a little paranoid today, looking if someone is planning to do something "foolish"... ahaha!!

    Like for instance, sis Anna and I are meeting at Starbucks (still here actually with her.. love free Wi-Fi's!) and she ran a bit late.. I thought she won't show up or something because it's the 1st of April!! ahaha!! talk 'bout paranoia!

    Anyway.. I (in behalf of my fiance, Anthony) would just like to greet you all a:

    Happy April Fool's Day!!(?!)

    hehe!!;) Tc everyone! :)

    ** Picture was taken from this site.


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