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Today, I'm the "Excited Bride"!;)

In a couple of days, H2B* and I will be flying back to PH*! And the cute (yet scary) thing is, I know 2 other (December) B2B* friends who will be on that same flight! Whoa! I'll sure be praying for a safe journey for us! Hehe!

Updates for today:
1. The new labels I sent a looong time ago has FINALLY arrived in our house! Gosh, it took like 2 freaking weeks to get there!!! Hayz!! I'm really grateful that we have the email and Chikka nowadays, I was able to at least email/SMS my friends to invite them!

2. Already have an idea for the remaining 40% of our wedding dance.. Haha!! Now I just need to discuss it with H2B* and then practice it! Haha!

3. Got the mp3 for our wedding dance!!!;)

4. FINALLY, bought my wedding shoes!! It's not the typical wedding shoes, and I'm sure my mom would react when she sees it.. Haha! But I'm happy with it! At least I am certain I could still use it even after the wedding..;)

5. Had dinner with my w@wie friends, and as usual, really learned a LOT from them! Those last minute tips are definitely helpful!

6. Was able to do a few more pages for our guestbook.. I was also able to design one DIY* that I really wanted to do but thought I wouldn't have time for it..;) I'm praying we could buy the ink refills for our printer tonight so that I can print them already!;)

Not bad for a day's work, eh?...;)

* H2B - husband-to-be
B2B - bride-to-be
PH - Philippines
DIY - Do-It-Yourself


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