I'm back!

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I planned on doing a blog, listing the things I've been wanting to share with you guys since I've been here in Singapore.. But then, I realized the blog was getting very loooooooong (and boring?)..;) and I wasn't even finished yet!..:) And at the rate I was going, I thought it might take me another day? week? month? before I complete it to my satisfaction.. ehehe!.. and so.....

I'm not sharing it anymore... ehehe! just kidding!

I'm writing a lot of small blogs instead...;) at least, it will not only be easier and more fun or you to read (hopefully;) ), but will also be easier for me to write.... since it's shorter... lol!!!:)

And so.... I'm back!!! (",)

After 6 months (yeah, it's been that long already since I got here in Singapore) I'm finally able to share with you guys my "new" life here.. so please stay tuned and will keep you posted... very, VERY soon!!:)


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